1. Protect Yourself From The Sun

Sunscreen is not just reserved for when you go to the beach! The sun can do damage to your skin wherever you are; even on overcast days! You should make it a daily habit to apply sunscreen every single day either as a standalone application or use a moisturising product that has a sunscreen agent.

When swimming at the beach or in an outdoor pool,. water-resistant sunscreen is a must, as is having a sunscreen with SPF30 rating.

woman wears broad rim hat to protect herself from harmful UV rays

Wearing a hat will also provide you from protection from harmful UV rays.

2. Consume A Healthy Diet

Research has shown that a well-balanced diet can play an important role in slowing down premature ageing in addition to the benefits to your overall health. This includes consuming plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and minimise consuming foods with a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates as these can speed up the ageing process.

3. Minimise Making Repetitive Facial Expressions

This may sound like a weird one but when you make the same facial expressions over and over again, the contraction of the facial muscles can create lines which develop into permanent wrinkles. A good example of this are the lines around the eyes caused by squinting, particularly in strong sunlight. Wearing sunglasses can prevent these lines appearing.

If you already have these lines from repetitive facial expressions, they can be improved by having anti-wrinkle injections. Clinics like The Victorian Cosmetic Institute offers these injections while subtly altering the dynamics of the underlying facial muscles without leaving you with a ‘frozen face’ incapable of showing emotions. 

4. Give Up Smoking

cigarette smoking is bad for health as well as your skincare

There are a myriad of documented health benefits to quit smoking. On a cosmetic level, some of the toxins in cigarette smoking damage collagen and elastin which are fibrous components of skin that keep it firm and supple. This damage speeds up skin ageing.

5. Tanning: Go Easy On It

Whether you prefer to tan in natural sunlight or inside on a tanning bed, the exposure to harmful UV rays can accelerate how quickly your skin ages. If you like to have a golden tan, it is much better for your skin to use self-tanning products.

sun tanning minimise

If you must tan in the sun, do so when the sun is not the most intense (from 10am to 3pm typically) and use sunscreen liberally and re-apply at least every two hours.

6. Consume Alcohol In Moderation

The main disadvantage of alcohol consumption is that it dehydrates the skin. Consuming too much alcohol is thought to deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. This can lead to damage which can make you seem older.

alcohol dehydrates skin drink moderation

7. Review Your Washing and Cleansing Regime

You should get into the habit of washing your face at least twice a day. It is also recommended that you wash your face as soon as possible after you have perspired heavily. For example, after exercise or after wearing a helmet or hat. This is because sweat can irritate the skin. 

When cleansing your skin, do so gentle as rigorous scrubbing can irritate sensitive skin and accelerate the ageing process. 

8. Avoid Abrasive Skincare Products

mud mask

Some people are under the mistaken impression that if skincare products sting and/or burn, they must be doing them good. However, anything that irritates the skin has the potential to do damage. Even if the product have been prescribed by a dermatologist, you should notify him/her if they cause stinging and/or burning.

9. Apply moisturiser

You should apply moisturiser every day. This prevents water being lost from the skin and can help you retain a youthful appearance. According to WebMD, you should avoid moisturisers with alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, retinoic acid, and salicylic acid if you have dry or sensitive skin. Similarly, the best time to apply moisturiser is when your skin is still damp (i.e., a few minutes after a bath or shower).

10. Regular exercise

Separate studies by McMaster University (Ontario) and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine suggest that regular moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on the condition of this skin by improving circulation. This can slow down the ageing process.