As you grow older, you may experience difficulties with your dental formulae. The human dental formulae dictate that one must have 32 teeth. What happens when one has more or less? Oral surgery can help to correct any issue you may have with your teeth. However, you don’t get to decide whether you need oral surgery or not; most times it’s your dentist who would advise you to seek oral surgery based on the intensity of the issue you have. Sometimes it could just be a pain. Some oral surgery solutions available include dental implants. You will receive this surgery for a possible loss of teeth. You may also experience bleeding of gums for several reasons not necessarily being sick. Then again, to be on the safe side, always consult your dentist to have it checked; prevention is better than cure.

1. Teeth

Having your tooth firmly attached to the gum or loose is a clear indication that you need the services of a professional oral surgeon. You will need to visit your dentist first to assess the situation and let you know how serious the issue is. The bone density check by the dentist will determine whether you need a dental transplant or dentures. In the event the underlying bones in your gum are healthy, you will receive a different opinion from the dentist; this means other solutions can be adapted for your case.

2. Wisdom teeth

At the age of 20, you will notice a new set of teeth in your mouth; the hindmost molars. When you experience unusual pain or any infection, always consult with your dentist. The hind molars are imperfect; so when they have a partial eruption, it should raise the alarm of a possible infection which may require dental surgery. Pain always leaves you with a lot of discomforts. You shouldn’t tolerate any form of pain. Always have it arrested before it gets worse.

3. Unusual reactions around the head and neck

People believe that pain around the neck or head area is normal. However, once the pain proves adamant, you will need to visit the doctor so as to get a professional checkup. Ignorance might be the cause of some of your teeth infections. Swelling around your jaws should not be taken lightly. This can mean your gum is infected and the infection has become serious. The swelling starts on the gum, and before it reaches your neck, it’s normally visible. You should take action immediately you notice the swelling to avoid further infection.

4. Correct dental formulae

Humans have 32 teeth. If you have more or less, kindly consult your dentist. Necessary advice will be given on why you may need an oral surgery. Missing teeth have a history of creating more dental problems. The most observable is the speech concern.  A missing tooth will mean you adopt a new way of pronunciation. The rare disorder that arises from missing teeth is gum diseases. To be on the safe side, it’s always advisable to seek oral surgery.