Every stage of life brings its own rewards. When we become a senior citizen, we have more free time and decades of accrued wisdom that helps us decide how to spend that free time. Nevertheless, as we get older, we may have to deal with health conditions or niggling aches and pains that can potentially stop us from being as mobile as we once were. The good news is that we can take steps to combat this, allowing us to make the most of life, whatever our age. Here are four simple tips that can make a positive difference.

1.  Take Gentle Exercise

Exercise is incredibly important if we want to get fit and keep fit, and that doesn’t change as the years pass by. The methods of exercise that we use may change, but the end goal remains the same: we should all try and exercise on a daily basis. For senior citizens, gentle exercise may be the best option – particularly if you have joint problems or other health issues, but tasks such as walking up and down the stairs, or activities such as gardening can all help to give us a vital workout. Long term benefits can range from improved mobility to heightened energy and lower blood pressure. Ask your physician which exercise routine is ideal for you, and start today.

2. Get Outside

Fresh air is good for us, and scientists have long known the Vitamin D enriching power of sunlight on our skin, so it’s vital to get outside as much as you can – especially as we get older. If you can’t walk as well, or for as far, as you once could, then an electric scooter from renowned manufacturer Ewheels could be the perfect solution. They manufacture their stylish yet practical electric scooters and wheelchairs right here in the USA, and they work through online dealers ensuring that their range is widely available and great value for money. These modern mobility scooters can get you from A to B in complete comfort and safety, meaning you can head outside whenever you want to.

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3. Keep Your Mind Active

A healthy body and a healthy mind are the perfect combination at all ages, so it’s just as important to exercise your mind in your senior years as it is your body. Reading a book is a great way to keep your mind active, as is doing crosswords, sudoku puzzles and other brain teasers. Take some time out each day to switch off the television and reach for a book or puzzle, and you can soon feel the benefits. When you have an active mind, an active lifestyle as a whole usually follows.

4. Join a Club

It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming more solitary as we approach our golden years, especially if our family and old friends live far away. Humans are naturally gregarious creatures, so if you find yourself becoming socially isolated, why not reignite that spark by joining a club? Search online or take a look in your local paper to find groups and community organizations near you that are tailored for senior citizens. The choices are almost endless: you could learn a new skill, or a new language, take an interest in an art or craft subject, join a reading group, or join in an exercise class that’s designed for your age group.

Electric mobility scooters can get you out of your home and open up an exciting new life again, allowing you to join groups and clubs, meet new people and exercise your mind and body. Combine this with healthy eating, and an exercise regime recommended by a physician or nurse, and you can soon reap the benefits of an active lifestyle in your senior years.

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