5 Exercises Specially Designed for Archer

If you want to increase your accuracy or ability to shoot your bow ring better, you got to make yourself strong. So this is tips on how to get six packs. No, not really, your six packs actually going to start in the kitchen. What you eat determine your body composition.

Obviously, you still want a strong core, though, because even the best compound bow will not really help you to be a better archer. So I’m going to outline 5 exercises for you guys. Read til the end because I have a bonus for you.

These movements are a little bit off the wall you won’t quite see them in a typical gym, but they’re going to help stabilize your midline, make you shoot for more rigid platform along with your spine.

1. Down Posters

The first movement is down posters you lay on the ground. You might take your shoes off as you will start with fully extended body position. You just need to bring your knees towards your chest and keep your arm straight. Do a full set up, lift it out with your feet, stretch your legs all the way back out, then bring your legs back into your chest get the Dow back out towards the starting position. Doing this will crank your entire rectus abdominals as well as some other for stabilizers, and it’s a great way to devastate your core and make it a stronger one.

2. GHD setup


GHD stands for glutes hamstring developer. You can use any device like this for your back. GHDs puts a lot of torque on the abs, but they do work really well so be cautious when you first try it. Have your knees flexed, pull the high, natural S-curve in your spine as you descend using your hip flexors and your abs in concert. Once your hands touch the ground, you will feel like you’ve gone as far as your ability will allow. Drive by flexing your knees using your plow and your abs are flexor and come on up to the top.

3. Toes to the Bar

It is just as simple as it sounds: get your toes to touch the pull-up bar as you hang from that. You can use a kit, which is a gymnastic way to give up on a bar. You will use your hamstrings, your bottom, your lower back and your core to fire up and then you will use mainly rectus abdominals abs and hip flexors to get your legs to the finishing position. Once you become proficient at toes to bar, you will be able to do it multiple times.

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5 Exercises Specially Designed for Archer

4. L-sit

L-sit recruits a lot more muscles than just your core. It demands a lot of stabilizing the shoulders and the trunk as well as your hip flexors and your abs. Don’t be surprised if you can’t hold this for much more than a couple of seconds. Just work on this throughout the week and you will probably increase your duration and maybe upwards of 30 seconds or more. Just remembers it requires a ton of stability as well as isometric strength throughout the upper body. It is a great gymnastic move, a break for building weight.

However, a lot of folks do these the wrong way. You need to have the arms covering up your ears. To do this properly, make sure that your hips are as close to your bottom as possible and have some dumbbells or some plate anchor your feet down. Grab a light plate 15-35 pounds as you sit up, keep your eyes on the plate the whole time and keep your arms coming up your ears. This exercise is a lot of torque on the abs and creates kind of a third class lever, and this will make your abs stronger.

5. Mobilize Shoulders

The reasons why we want to fix our mobility are correcting injuries, improving the flexibility and range of motion, and eventually improving the overall performance. To mobilize your shoulders, there are basic yet effective ways to do. Firstly, you take you your opposite arm to your shoulder, and you just lift up your arm. Do the setup for both shoulders. Secondly, you get your thumbs up and let them right over your head. Do some reps and see how it feels, you should not feel any pain on this movement. Otherwise, you probably have shoulder impingement.

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Thirdly, tight a band through itself on a bar up over your head, let your wrist through, wrap your hand around and let your arm overhead by bending at the waist. This pose is an instantly strong overhead position, from here, you rotate your wrist internally and externally at the shoulder. Hang out with this post for 2 minutes and then switch your arm. Then, you may want to get your elbow through the band, choke up on the band and walk out. This exercise will help you stretch out a lot, but bear in mind that everything has to be in proper moderation.


Bonus! The best exercise for in-season training – A Hundred Air Squats – Four Times
It’s just a simple back squat without any weight inside your backpack. You’re going to do that, and you can see how long it takes you to get those hundred squats down. But there’s a catch, every two minutes; you’re going to be interrupted with five push-ups over your pack. So this means you are taking you pack off your back during the pushups, putting your pack back on and getting you right back after the squats. There’s no time to waste on a workout like this. You can’t squander time, and you have to stay right after the squats. This can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes depending on how well you are at pushing up and what kind of condition you are in.

In the name of a better bow hunting, treat yourself as an NFL athlete. The type of workout for hunting is short, well-rounded and intense. These exercises will train your full body and save you the efficiency in a workout. You don’t want any impact on the joints, save that for the day you go hunting. Your body with all your skills and experiences make you a ten time better archer than the best compound bow can do.