6 Ways to Easily Add Exercise to Your Workday and Drop the Pounds More Quickly

Businesses thrive on clever minds applying their ideas in a cubicle atmosphere. Sitting down in front of a computer is just part of a day’s work in today’s modern age. However, obesity and poor health are part of this sedentary lifestyle. It’s time to add in exercise throughout the workday so that those pesky pounds can melt away. Explore these six ways that you can easily break a sweat while remaining productive in a corporate atmosphere.

Sit and Stand in Style

You may need to sit most of the day because computing is part of your job description. This fact doesn’t mean that exercise is out of the question. Consider an exercise ball as a substitute for your office chair. These balls have the same height as your chair, but they require you to balance. Use your legs, core muscles and buttocks in order to keep yourself sitting straight. As an alternative, look for standing desks that move up and down. Sit down for a few hours, and then lift the desk to stand up. You’ll burn calories while keeping up with those monthly projects.

Find Those Hidden Stairs

Your office might be comfortable with taking the elevator or escalator, but every building taller than one story has stairs for fire-safety purposes. Discover where the stairs are in your workplace and start using them. You don’t have to wait for the elevator to arrive anymore because you can simply walk your way up and down the building. Both downhill and uphill stair climbing are beneficial for your health. Simply make an excuse to head to another floor several times a day so that you can see the pounds drop off your body.

Take the Scenic Route

If you drive to work, consider walking or biking as an alternative at least once a week. Don’t stare at the freeway traffic when you can enjoy the great outdoors by foot or bike. You’ll feel and look better while contributing positively to the environment. Ideally, ask a coworker who lives near you to join in on this weight-loss trick. You’ll stay safe on the road while bonding with a coworker who can help you out during the workday.

Enjoy the Waiting Game

Regardless of how well you plan your day out, waiting will be part of any office environment. Don’t stand still, and eat a calorie-filled snack. Perform some squats if you’re waiting in a standing position. Try wall pushups, or grab a bottle of water to use as a lightweight dumbbell. Using your surroundings as a gym will only increase your weight loss and make that wait time feel like a minute has passed.

Get Social at Lunch

The lunch crowd at work is probably a social group, which makes them a perfect choice for a workout crew. Ask these coworkers to join you on a daily walk during lunch so that you can have motivational friends nearby. Everyone can cheer each other as they quicken their pace down the road. When everyone returns to their desks afterward, their productivity will be improved as calories continue to burn in their legs and arms. A healthy workforce will only have a positive effect on the business.

Meetings With Zoom

Corporate meetings can go on for several hours at times. A progressive way to hold meetings is by making them mobile. Hold meetings on walks around the business’s property. The pace doesn’t have to be very fast, but the activity alone is enough to work off a few pounds. In some cases, the physical motion drives people to think more clearly as they come up with unique ideas for the business. At the end of the walk, an innovative approach to sales might be developed as everyone loses weight at the same time.

To complement your daily activities, consider a fitness tracker as a personal gift to yourself. Track the number of steps, calories burned and other information in a given day. When you know that you’re 200 steps away from a 10,000-step-a-day goal, you can take some time out to complete those last few activities. Putting your health first will only give you more energy for work and leisure every day.

Author Bio

Vikram Taguru is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Detox of South Florida, one of the leading rehabilitation facilities in the USA and voted as the best alcohol and drug detox center in Florida. He advocates day-to-day living without drug dependency. Aside from being a passionate CEO, he also writes some of his observations and shares it with his readers to encourage people to avoid drug addiction.