Millennials, belonging to the age group of 18 to 33 have been reported to have a stress level of 5.4 to 3.6 considered as borderline healthy. In our today’s article, we shall talk about the biggest stress factors affecting the millennial population.

  • Work Pressure

The workplace is one of the biggest sources of stress. In some offices, bare minimum stress is considered normal. But excessive stress can be detrimental for your performance and productivity. Employees are often found to work until late nights and even on holidays for y finishing their official work. Apart from building up stress, this also creates adverse effects on one’s health and distances him from his close circle.

  • Personal Appearance

Excess weight, acne, and premature balding can be some of the biggest causes of stress amongst Millennials. Personal appearance has a big role to play in shaping a person’s confidence. Trends such as zero-figure promoted by tinsel town divas pour down constant pressure on young girls to look perfect. But they do not realize that such false notions are sucking out happiness from their core.

  • Competition

Starting from submitting homework in time to finishing the official presentation, competition is something which creates anxiety amongst people of all age groups. A certain level of competition is considered healthy and is required to keep our interest. However, when the competition reaches a cut-throat level, it brings along detrimental effects on one’s health.

  • Health Woes

Worrying about own or a loved one’s health is a popular cause of stress affecting the millennial population. People feel helpless seeing their near and dear ones suffering from grave illnesses.

  • Relationships
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People are slowly losing out on their personal touch and becoming all the more mechanical with every passing day. This is having an adverse effect on their relationships with everyone seeking out personal breathing space. From spouses to parents and children everyone is getting engulfed in their own world of dreams and aspirations thus missing out on the family time.

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  • Bereavement

The loss of a near and dear one can lead to extreme stress, especially when the deceased person is a close relative or friend. The sudden change when you cannot see or speak to a person whom you used to love so dearly can increase your level of stress.

  • Financial Tension

Money matters often land us in a deep soup. Right after finishing with education, our main motive remains to bag a proper job paying us a handsome salary. Every at the time of retirement we worry about maintaining our accumulated assets so that we can pass it to our next generation properly. Thus, the financial tension never fails to give us sleepless nights. Ever-increasing bills, paying off loans are some common forms of anxiety people face on a daily basis. Bankruptcy and Debt Problems are common amongst people carrying on their own business. In such cases, they can take the help of law firms such as Kerkman Wagner & Dunn by visiting its website

  • Life Changes

Shifting from one town to another or hopping between jobs can be a major cause of concern as you will once again have to start from scratch and establish acquaintances. Children get most affected as it becomes extremely difficult for them to make new friends and get accustomed to the changed setting.

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Life is unpredictable. We never know what shall come next. But the key to happiness lies in staying strong and accepting things as they come.