Millions of people suffer from somebody pain that often becomes chronic.  As traditional medical treatment does not have any permanent solution in pain management, patients are keen to try out chiropractic treatment that promises pain-free life. Besides providing favorable results in pain management, chiropractic treatment has its attraction as it does not use any medicines and is consequently free from harmful side effects. Pain management by traditional methods involves the use of medications to provide relief from pain, and the treatment continues for an extended period. It exposes patients to the risks of side effects that can often lead to more problems. In comparison, chiropractic treatment is entirely risk-free and takes a holistic approach that results in the overall betterment of health besides managing pain effectively.

Chiropractors are specialists in the treatment of body pain of all kinds including back pain, knee pain shoulder pain and even headaches like migraines that becomes chronic. No matter what the cause of the pain is, whether it is due to some disease, meeting with accidents or aging, the chiropractor is capable of providing relief from pain. Whether you are suffering from pain for many years or are just now experiencing it, chiropractic treatment can eradicate it and even make you forget the painful experience that you might have gone through.

Physical therapy

Chiropractors are qualified and trained in pain management by studying the features of the human body together with its methods of working. They have complete knowledge to understand the functioning of the musculoskeletal system of the body that supports the body structure and have the skills necessary to identify and address the cause of pain. Instead of trying to provide some temporary relief from pain, chiropractors look for the reason and treat people for providing long-term and often a permanent relief from pain. All chiropractors have a license for managing people with pain.

Chiropractors use only their hands for treatment of pain and do not use any other medical aids. They use their hands to apply controlled and pinpointed pressure at specific body parts responsible for giving rise to pain and in the process alleviates the condition of suffering.

The philosophy of chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment revolves around the spine because chiropractors believe that the spine is the source of good health. Keeping the spine healthy is the mission of any chiropractor because only a healthy spine ensures a healthy life, free from pain. According to chiropractors, any pain in the body is the result of spine abuse. Therefore, if the spine is set right, the body would not experience any pain.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the uprightness of the spine and the tissues surrounding it by trying to keep it in ideal condition. The philosophy of chiropractic treatment is to maintain a proper structure of the body for ensuring proper functioning of the body parts. All the systems of the body are meant to work in appropriate unison, and the body tends seeking natural harmony among all the operations of the body.

Pain is a biophysical phenomenon

The view of modern chiropractors about pain makes us believe that pain is a complex phenomenon and is the total of several biological factors together with psychological and social factors.  The physical aspects of the body responsible for the painful condition constitute the natural elements. Among the mental factors, anxiety, fear, and depression all have a relation to pain. So, when we suffer from psychological stress, we experience headaches. Societal pressures and influences resulting from social interactions can create situations when people experience pain.

The above concept is responsible for chiropractors taking a holistic approach in the treatment of pain.  Instead of concentrating on the pain alone, they probe into other living conditions and lifestyle of patients to discover the hidden factors that contribute to the state of suffering.

The focus is on the spine

Among all other factors that can cause pain, degeneration or misalignment of the spine is the most critical factor that chiropractors take into consideration. The backbone supports the musculoskeletal system of the body and undergoes maximum stress as it has to absorb the shocks arising from various body movements.  Often, we stretch too much when moving the body parts and this result in gradual wear and tear of the spine. Over the years, the spine becomes misaligned and deformed, and we experience body pain.

The nerves that pass through the spine get suppressed when the passage through which it passes become too narrow due to excessive stress. As a result, the body parts including muscles and other organs where the nerves end receive minor nutrients and often experience poor blood flow. As the nerves are unable to perform its functions, it gives rise to pain. When the pressure on the nerves become too much, the pain intensifies, and it might even immobilize the affected body part. That is the reason why sometimes people suffering from acute pain are rendered immobile.

Manipulating the spine

Chiropractors are masters in managing the spine to bring it back to the default settings.  Since they have good knowledge about how the body works and well conversant with the body systems, they can quickly identify what kind of deformity the spine has undergone.  Using their experience and skills, they reset the spine by applying pressure with their hands so that the spine regains its original alignment. As they eradicate the cause of the pain, it reduces over time.

Our body has self-healing powers. Chiropractors make use of the self-healing powers of the body without seeking any external assistance in managing pain. It helps to treat patients without using any drugs thereby ensuring healing without any side effects.

The duration of treatment

How long does it take to experience relief from pain is what everyone wants to know, but there is no definite answer to the question. The recovery from pain depends on various factors like the overall health of the patient, existing diseases, the nature of the illness and how long the person has been suffering from it.  Good chiropractors use all their experience, knowledge and skills to help patients recover from pain and feel better as quickly as possible. While the direct intervention of the chiropractor reduces as the treatment progresses, the process of recovery depends a lot on how well patients follow the advice and instructions related to lifestyle corrections necessary for quick healing.

The rehabilitation phase

As the treatment at Reaves Chiropractic in River North, Chicago progresses and improvements happen, chiropractors would turn to home-based recommendations to carry on the treatment by the patients themselves. Although the procedure will make patients feel good, whether they would be able to sustain it depends on how well they follow the advice of chiropractors. To ensure that the pain does not recur, chiropractors provide guidelines about how patients can stay healthy by evaluating their activities and lifestyle, diet, posture, ergonomics, etc. The phase of rehabilitation is critical in chiropractic treatment because it is the patient’s responsibility to co-operate with chiropractors by following their advice religiously.

Following a routine for exercises, using some ergonomic tools that help in posture correction like belts, back supports or pillows, practicing the recommended diet and other home rehabilitation measures like using elastic bands, foam rollers are some typical rehabilitation advice that patients must follow.

Why is the rehabilitation phase important?

Reversing the effects of pain takes time because it took entirely some time to develop if the pain happened due to the result of poor posture while playing your favorite sport or pursuing your hobby, or due to poor work habits. While the initial few sittings with the chiropractor will reduce pain and provide relief, to make the pain vanish, it needs sustained effort by patients.  The body muscles require strengthening and re-training to complete the process of treatment and eradicate the pain. Chiropractors will put you on the path of recovery, and you must complete the journey by doing the rehabilitation program seriously.

Have patience for results

The treatment can be successful only if you have patience and follow the chiropractor’s advice sincerely.  Chiropractic treatment takes time to recover fully because the treatment duration consists of the sessions with the chiropractor together with the time taken for the rehabilitation program. The therapy aims at strengthening muscles that improve joint mobility and results in smooth movement and flexibility, but all this takes time and your willingness to recover fast.

For effective rehabilitation, listen to your chiropractor’s advice carefully and listen to your body too. During this period if you feel any discomfort in your body get back to the chiropractor quickly before any aggravation happens. Devote time to the program because trying to save time can prove too costly.  Monitor the progress as it motivates you to keep going and stay consistent with your activities so that you can maintain the momentum that leads to complete recovery. Remember, that your effort is as much necessary as the chiropractor’s to get the best results.