Imagine you are down with high fever and are just in need of a perfect cup of coffee. You ask your roommate to do favour but sadly, your room-mate is as efficient in making coffee as a cobbler in making furniture. You would just wish you had an exemplary system to make your coffee with just the right flavour that could make you feel better. Well, we now have a solution to fulfil your wishes. We bring to you the coffee capsules as an easy solution for preparing the best coffee at home. The best part – it is hassle-free and so you needn’t worry about the mess while you would want to enjoy your coffee.


What is a Coffee Capsule?

The coffee capsule is basically a plastic container with an aluminium foil seal. It normally contains single-serve ground coffee, though newer machine-compatible branded capsules of coffee beans are also available nowadays. Coffee capsules allow the user to directly use one capsule for a cup of coffee through a brewing machine. All you need to do is put the coffee capsule in the machine at the designated place and some water in the machine. Once you switch the machine on, the sharp blades cut open the capsule cover. The water is heated and mixed with the single-serve coffee in the capsule at high pressure and your coffee is ejected from the nozzle. With just a press of a button, you are served with the best coffee one can have.

Due to easy compatibility with coffee makers, coffee capsules offer hassle-free coffee making for its users. The outer lid of the capsule is designed in such a way that it remains dry for the entire process of the coffee making. Hence, it is easy to replace the used capsule from the machine for making a fresh cup of coffee. So you are free from the tumult of the long cleaning process of the platform or even the machine.

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Many coffee machines function with a wide range of coffee capsules, that is, numerous capsule manufacturers provide coffee capsules that can be used with such coffee makers. However, there are certain coffee machines that are operational only with a certain brand or make of coffee capsules. This limits the user to a single capsule manufacturer and no choice for a change, ever. Hence, it is always a good idea to buy a coffee maker that can operate with all brands of coffee capsules.

Coffee Capsule v/s Coffee Pods

The coffee capsule is usually confused with a coffee pod. Although, both serve the same purpose – preparing coffee with a single serve unit. There are, however, two major differences between a coffee capsule and a coffee pod.

  1. First is the shape of the two. The coffee capsule is a plastic container whereas a coffee pod is more like a tea bag wherein ground coffee is stored in a paper bag with filter.
  2. The second major difference is that a coffee pod is used in a low-pressure system as high pressure might burst the paper bag and reduce the worth of your coffee by leaving you with paper particles in it. Coffee capsule, on the other hand, requires high-pressure brewing to create the right kind of taste and aroma.

All in all, coffee capsules are not only fit for amateur coffee makers but are made to give you a consistent taste of coffee absolutely hassle free. Just relieve yourself of some morning stress by off-loading your work to prepare your morning cup of freshness consistently to your coffee maker and coffee capsule in unison.

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