If you want to take your health and vitality to the next level, then a detox is the way to go. It may seem a bit intimidating for a newbie, but actually, the whole process is very simple and straightforward. By following these easy steps when detoxing for the first time, your detox will be extremely successful.

The Purpose Of A Detoxdetox

The goal is to rid your body of built up toxins when detoxing for the first time. Most of these are found in the food you eat, and the fluids you intake. Therefore, by paying attention to your diet you will give your body the chance to rid itself of this backlog of unwanted materials.

The liver is the key organ in the removal of these toxins. It functions like a sorting machine, determining which elements are beneficial nutrients and which are harmful toxins. Once these harmful substances are identified, the liver then burns them up by using oxygen, or chemically neutralizes them. They can then be removed from the body via bile or urine. This means that the best way to detox is to support the liver as much as possible. By consuming the right food and drink, this essential organ will be able to do its job a lot more effectively.

You Don’t Have To Become A Monk

Many people think that a detox is a form of extremely restrictive diet. However, this is not really accurate. Most people will find that there are enough delicious natural foods to keep them satisfied. Complete meals, with a tasty blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can be easily created.

Focus On Fruit And Vegetables

What we learned as a kid is still extremely relevant today. Eating these natural foods is good for the body overall and helps supports the liver’s functions. Try and incorporate them into your snacks and meals as much as possible.

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Eat Healthy Proteins

You don’t want to let your protein intake slip during a detox. Natural plant-based sources, like beans and nuts, are ideal. Some meat can be hard to digest and put a lot of demand on the liver. Stay away from steak, bacon, and red meat in general, instead focus on fish and skinless chicken.

Consume Only The Right Fats

Why fats are generally thought of as the enemies of a healthy system, the right ones can actually improve your bodies functions.  Avocados, coconut, nuts, and seeds are your best sources of quality fats. Just try and stay away from highly processed, or baked products, as well as fatty cuts of meat.

Steer Clear Of Refined Sugar, Caffeine, And Alcohol

These are the big three that you want to limit during a detox. By switching to natural food sources you can effectively eliminate refined sugar. Caffeine can be a lot more difficult as many people rely on their daily fix. A small amount of caffeine is still acceptable during a detox but try and limit it to one cup of coffee a day.

Now, alcohol is the most toxic of all, causing havoc to your liver and kidneys. Be determined and avoid its consumption during the entire detox period.

Drink Loads Of Waterdetox

Lots of water is ideal for maintaining hydration and helping your digestive system work efficiently by helping to speed up the breakdown of food, and the removal of toxins through urine. However, you don’t have to limit your fluid intake to this one source. Coconut water and green tea are also great for your body.

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While fruit juice may sound healthy, it is often heavily processed, as well as having an unnecessary amount of added sugar. Try and steer clear of it during a detox.

Stay As In Tune With Nature As Possible

During your Florida detox session you may become confused by a particular food or drink, not knowing if it is good for you or not. The easiest way to determine whether it should be part of your diet is to consider if it comes directly from nature. The less refined and processed something is, the better. Our bodies function best when eating what we are designed to eat. Think of how a lion eats meat or a monkey eats fruit. Evolution has designed them to eat these foods. The same is true for us. Basically, try and choose foods that are grown naturally, rather than manufactured.

Just Do Your Best

Remember, we are all human and prone to making mistakes, especially when detoxing for the first time. What’s most important is that you give your detox the best effort that you can. Even if you make a minor mistake, don’t worry, you will still be greatly improving your health. Good luck with your first detox!


Dr. Vikram Tarugudetox

Dr. Vikram Tarugu is a board certified gastroenterologist and hepatologist with vast experience in endoscopic procedures. He has authored various articles and publications relating to gastrointestinal disorders and addiction related issues and writes for detoxofsouthflorida.com.