pexels photo 313690If you seem to be on an unstoppable merry-go-round, then it may be time to focus on restoring calmness to your life. They seem to remain serene when faced with turbulence, tranquility seems to permeate every ounce of their fiber and they seem to be very content with life. While people who live in the country are often calmer than those who live in big cities, that is not always possible. Here are four concepts to think about with concrete steps you can do to create a calm life regardless of where you live.

Find Purpose

Calm people usually have identified the purpose of their lives, and they are working very hard to fulfill their purpose. These people are often involved in many different activities until they find the purpose of their lives. Once they do, they start dropping the other activities to focus on the ones that bring the most meaning to their lives. They quickly get rid of activities that they are not passionate about doing, and they work at a job where they find purpose. Finding your purpose and then acting on it daily helps you have a calm life.

Live in the Moment

Calm people tend to live in the moment, and they often use frankincense essential oil to help ensure clearer thinking about their lives when needed. They tend to start each day with a period of meditation or yoga before meeting the world. Calm people try to plan their day ahead of time, but they are prepared mentally to handle any obstacles that come along without letting problems disturb their emotional equilibrium. They also realize that each day is a gift, so they try to soak up each moment as an unreturnable present trying to maximize every second’s potential. A great place to start is by realizing that you own your phone and can control when you use it.

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Quick to Forgive

People who live a calm life are hard to make mad. Once they become angry, they are quick to forgive. While they may take meaningful lessons away from the experience, they also do not hold grudges. There are several essential oils that can help promote this process including frankincense as it promotes relaxation, sandalwood promoting the letting go of stress, rosewood promoting emotional balance, and lavender promoting deep muscle relaxation. People who are quick to forgive experience less stress, anxiety and hostility while also enjoying more meaningful relationships with those around them. As they learn to forgive those around them, they work very hard to keep communication channels open with everyone that they come in contact with, but especially with at least one very close friend who they unashamedly share their deepest thoughts.

Rely on Routines

People who live calm lives rely on routines by doing the same things, in the same way, every day. They use routines to help them get the day started in a positive way. They put things in the same location every time, so they do not have to spend time hunting them. Calm people also use routines so that they have more time to plan for the future and to solve any problems that they are encountering. While they are not inflexible, they must make a conscious decision to change their routines.

Calm people often do not start out that way, but they have made a conscious decision to cultivate calmness in their lives. Use these ideas to start creating a calm lifestyle today as you will enjoy physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Once you have conquered these concepts, then springboard into other ideas to make your life even calmer.

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