In the past, if you wanted a healthy personal diet plan, you had to do all the work yourself. But things have now changed. With the emergence of healthy meal delivery services, dieters can now enjoy custom healthy meals without having to put in hours of work in the kitchen. 

And the cost of diet food delivery services is not that prohibitive either. Some of these meal plans are surprisingly cheap, considering the quality meals being offered. Here are some great meal delivery services you can use at the moment, and what they can do for your health goals.

NutriSystem gives its customers the extensive benefits of food delivery services in many ways. For one thing, the foods delivered by this meal delivery service are very affordable, with the weekly average cost coming to less than $100.  

Furthermore, the food choices are quite broad; and these foods have a long shelf life, which means you will not have to worry about keeping the food frozen or refrigerated. In general, people lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week using NutriSystem diet foods. Therefore, dieters in need of a reliable and affordable food delivery service will love using NutriSystem’s diet food delivery services. More info

DiettoGo is a meal delivery service that seeks to give its users all the benefits food delivery services have to offer. The healthy foods prepared by Diettogo are nutritionally balanced, and sometimes they throw in a few extras to make your healthy diet plan more rewarding and authentic.

The people behind this program also cater to special groups such as diabetics and vegetarians. These meals are also very affordably priced, which makes them ideal for many people. 

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This meal delivery service believes in three things – delicious healthy foods, real results, and personal nutritional guidance for the customers. 

The program focuses on weight loss. In fact, JennyCraig is so confident of its abilities to help clients lose weight that it has offers for discounted meals if you fail to lose 20 pounds while using its meals.

Medifast prides itself in providing healthy meals prepared with the help of the latest nutritional research. In addition to healthy diets for a healthy lifestyle, Medifast also creates meals for those trying to attain their weight loss goals. 

The meal plans are quite differentiated to cater to various health and fitness needs. For instance, there are meal plans that require no preparation at all; and these are intended for people with very busy schedules. 

Then there are plans for people with gluten allergy, and those who love sweet things. These choices should make choosing your ideal healthy diet plan much easier, and living healthy more enjoyable. 

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet’s approach is simple: You lose weight eating delicious meals. The meals are high in lean proteins, the contain healthy fats like olive oil, and they provide complex carbs from whole grains, veggies and fruits. The creator of this diet is famous Dr. Agatston, who as early as  2003, set out to help his frustrated patients, who were receiving conflicting advice from quick fix diets, follow a 3-phase food plan that reduces the cravings for sugar and refined carbs. This program has met the weight loss goals of 11 million people so far.

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