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Home-based accidents are a leading cause of injuries, including a broken hip. While possible for adults of almost any age, the elderly are especially susceptible, either in their own homes or as residents of assisted living or long-term care facilities. According to Prevention’s article, slipping or falling, especially in the bathroom, results in approximately 5.1 million injuries each year. If a hip injury should occur, the following healing tips may help.

Get Medical Attention

Not all falls result in broken hips that are automatically noticeable. Slight pelvic pain and the ability to remain mobile may lead some victims to believe their injuries are minor, and they choose not to consult a doctor. However, bones are often more fragile than expected, and a broken hip bone may not become readily apparent. After a significant fall, it is best for the victim to make a doctor’s appointment or visit the ER for severe pain or immobility to be tested for possible fractures. The sooner an injury is correctly diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated, which will expedite healing and reduce the risk of complications.

Follow Up With Physical Therapy

Some victims of fall injuries may be advised by their doctor to take physical therapy, even if there are no broken bones. Therapy can help to keep the person’s joints and muscles from getting stiff due to inactivity, which could lead to further falls. Flexibility and weight-bearing exercises can also help to improve a person’s muscle coordination and strength. If prescribed physical therapy, it is important to complete the entire course as prescribed by a physician, except for extenuating circumstances. Failing to complete therapy may lead to incomplete healing or insufficient strength improvement to protect against future falls.

Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer

If questions of responsibility arise from a fall, such as improperly installed flooring or inadequate nursing supervision, a personal injury lawyer can advise an injured victim about legal rights and responsibilities pertaining to the accident. If another person or entity is at fault, the victim may be entitled to compensation for various losses and medical expenses. Check with a legal firm that specializes in personal injury, like Dolman Law Group for information about personal injuries that include a broken hip and other health problems.

Prompt treatment can lead to rapid recovery. If you are unsure of your injury, it would still be a good idea to be checked by a doctor. A legal evaluation of the conditions leading up to the injury can inform the victim of his or her potential rights to legal compensation. Follow the tips above, as well as any additional research you conduct, and be well on your way to healing and health.