Toowoomba has been making its way to the top charts in recent years in fields of a rapidly emerging food culture, art and the breeziness of a mountain town. Located approximately 125 km towards the west of Brisbane, this town in Australia is one of the best family holiday destinations, especially when you’re accompanied with children. Along with the natural ambiance, this place had been flourishing in its forms of art and culture and has been of commendable interest for tourists all across.

Street art and a visit to the museum

Apparently, history is blamed to be one of the most dreaded subjects in school but not while you’re on vacation. There can be no better way to know about a location than its art, and Toowoomba is just the right choice for street art and graffiti. This place is home to one of the largest outdoor galleries across the planet and even hosts a festival solely dedicated to the same.

Moreover, a visit to museums can also be a refreshing experience for you as well as your kid. Toowoomba’s famous Cobb and Co museum is a place of historical interest with a gallery exhibiting carriages and vehicles from generations ago. There are also portions showcasing art, fabrics, metallurgy of the past era.

Take your kids on a picnic

Next up in the to-do-list on your trip to Toowoomba is the garden life. The beautiful Queens park is known for its expertise in flora accompanied by the music park. When in Toowoomba, you definitely do not want to miss out on the world famous flower festival of the place. Originating from a street show, the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is now topping the list of flower tests in the country with other minor events and food exhibits accompanying it.

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Lindsay and Campbell Street is covered by lush flower gardens on both sides and a facility of hiring bikes and scooters for kids. And if you’re one of the adventurous kind; you can also consider taking your kid to mountain climbing to the Table Top Mountain of Toowoomba. However, it is safe to say that you do not go for this activity accompanied by a kid below 6 years or in case you’re in bad shape.

Visit a fancy restaurant or fun activities

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Toowoomba has one of the largest networks of street food and cafes and among all the things to do in Toowoomba for kids eating out at this place, tops the list. Toowoomba specializes in restaurants for different times of the day, and it’s for sure that you won’t have to eat one item twice unless you’re in love with it.

Talking of food, you can also take your kid to a number of entertainment centers that frequent the town. Apart from the tempting hotdogs, pizzas, and other irresistible snacks, these places host a huge range of gaming spots. And “We don’t want to play games,” said no kid ever. Being the most visited place, Bazinga Entertainment Center is well-known for its bowling pavements and laser tag.

Go for street shopping

Toowoomba is mainly famous for its Farmers’ market, The Empire Theatre, Neil Street, Toowoomba. This market is functional on Thursdays from 3 pm to 6 pm and exhibits one of the largest fresh sales in the country. Make sure that you bag some of the fresh, healthy and tasty organic vegetables and fruits from this place.

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The Farmers’ market is also an outlet to Australia’s biggest bakery chains. Ensure that you don’t miss out on the mouth-melting flavors of rich baked cakes and cookies of the place. The surroundings of the place are dotted with tiny street shops selling household items and local fabrics.