Although becoming a mother is a blissful phenomenon, but pregnancy itself can be quite challenging for expecting mothers. But, it gets even more challenging if you are a working woman because of the juggling act you have to do with pregnancy and work.

If you are a career-oriented woman, you cannot just leave your work to attain a healthy pregnancy. Instead, you must try to manage your pregnancy with the job, and it can be taxing to advance professionally during these nine months.

But, we have listed down some tips that you can follow to ensure the correct balance between pregnancy and work.

Open up to your boss

You do not have to hide your pregnancy in your workplace because dealing with it becomes more straightforward once the news gets public. But your boss shall be the first one at work to know about your pregnancy.

It will not only make your boss cut you some slack, but you can also discuss your maternity leave options with her.

Open up to your colleagues:

If you have some friendly colleagues, opening up to them can make the whole juggling part much more manageable. Because they may also end up sharing some of your burdens when you are not feeling up to the mark.

Moreover, knowing your condition, they will not feel that you are reckless and laidback about your duties.

Curb your symptoms:

It is considerate of your colleagues if they cut you some slack during your bad times. But, being a professional, you must make sure that you curb your symptoms so that your performance is not significantly impacted.

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For example, keep a tab on your morning sickness and take the emergency measures like keeping medication or some soothing edibles or a vomit bag nearby.

Plan your good and bad days:

Accept the fact that during your pregnancy, you are going to have both good and bad days. On some days, you will have the energy of a teenager while on some, the cramps of an athlete. Therefore, utilize your good days effectively so that you can rest on your bad days.

For example, try to keep ahead of the deadlines of the projects and finish them beforehand on your good days so that you are comparatively free to rest during the bad days.

Take the necessary precautions:

If you have an assignment outdoors or in an inhospitable environment, inform your supervisor about your condition so that she can reassign you to a safer place. Also, do not hesitate to consult workers comp doctor in case you get sick or injured while on duty.

Manage your coverage plan:

Do not go on maternity leave with unfinished or unassigned work because it sends out an unprofessional vibe about you in the workplace.

Instead, take ownership of all the work that needs to be done while you are away. Make sure that all the work is assigned, and every assignee is up to speed with the way your work has to be done.

Do not let the work carry you away and enjoy your pregnancy because it is an exceptional time. Similarly, do not let your pregnancy impact your work significantly. Try to maintain the right balance between pregnancy and work, and in this pursuit, the tips mentioned above may come in handy.

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