Spices are like marmite; you either love them or hate them. Whether it’s their fragrance-like smell or too-hot-to-handle taste, not all of us are equipped to deal with them!

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While avoiding spice is fairly easy to do, it might not always be beneficial to your body. This is particularly the case with turmeric, which is praised for so much more than its ginger-like taste.

Within this guide, we will reveal how to sneak turmeric into your diet if you hate the taste. We’ll also briefly touch on why it’s worth having in your diet in the first place!

Why Bother With Turmeric?

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the “healing powers” of turmeric over the years – but not much evidence to prove the speculation. With that being said, however, many studies have shown that turmeric contributes towards a normal healthy digestive system. This reason alone should be more than enough to convince you to incorporate it into your diet!

How To Sneak Turmeric Into Your Diet

Without further ado, here are four ways to enjoy turmeric, even if you hate the taste.

  • Take Supplements

If putting turmeric (even the smallest amounts!) into your food is a big no-go, don’t fear. We have a very practical solution for you.

A lot of people take turmeric tablets to safeguard their daily intake and manage their vitamin levels at the same time. These tablets are particularly beneficial to those who have been advised to support their digestive system. All that you need to do is take one tablet a day, without encountering a single “disgusting” flavour!

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  • Make Smoothies

If you hate the taste of turmeric, the thought of putting it into a delicious smoothie will probably make your stomach turn. But, it’s not all that bad. Trust us.

Sprinkling a small amount of turmeric into your smoothie provides an effective way of absorbing the spice without focusing on its taste. When made correctly, smoothies are incredibly strong in flavour, meaning you won’t even remember that turmeric is in it!

Top Tip: To ensure you don’t ruin the taste of your favourite smoothie, start with super small amounts of turmeric and build it up. You’ll soon discover what your limits are!

  • Sprinkle It Into Your Meals

Similarly to sprinkling turmeric into smoothies, you can also sprinkle it into most of your meals. We’re not saying that you have to make it the main ingredient like it is in a curry – instead, lightly sprinkle it in while cooking. You won’t even notice the difference.

  • Find Complementary Foods

Following on from the previous point, even your favourite meals can be made healthier with turmeric. From pancakes to muffins, vegetables to rice, turmeric works well with a whole lot of foods. You might even find that incorporating it with compatible foods makes it taste better, anyway! There’s no harm in experimenting with flavours to find what works best for you.

As you can see, it’s super easy to add turmeric to your diet, even if you hate the taste!