Just Being There 4 Ways to Support a Loved One Fighting CancerWhen someone you love is fighting cancer, it’s hard to know exactly how to provide support for that person. There are many different kinds of cancer that impact the body in numerous ways and each of them effect your loved one differently. Thus, each comes with their own unique challenges. These four things are ways to show your cancer treatment support and to try and make things a bit easier for the person you love, however they are not a catch all. Reach out to professionals for more ideas to take care of your loved one.

Provide Meals

Cancer treatments take your energy away. One way that you can be of assistance to someone who has cancer is to simply provide them a meal. The meal should be one that provides the nutrients that the person needs so that the body is healthy while going through treatments. Consider making a few small meals that the person can heat in the microwave instead of one large one that might be thrown away. You could also get a meal or two from a restaurant and have it delivered to that person.

Gift Cards

Even with insurance, cancer treatments and doctor’s appointments can take their financial toll on the bank account. Take some of those money burdens away by getting a few gift cards for the person. Some of the places that might be at the top of the list are grocery stores, retail stores that are inexpensive, and restaurants.

Gift cards will make it easier for your loved one to get the necessities for the home instead of trying to make a decision as to whether they should buy medicine or get food. You could also get a gift card for a special purchase, such as a new robe or a set of pajamas that would be comfortable to wear during treatments or when the person doesn’t want to get out of bed. This simple act shows that you care about the person and that you are paying attention to the small things.

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Doctor’s Appointments

There will be quite a few doctor’s appointments that your loved one will have to go to. Consider contacting a cancer care center with nurses and other workers who can help with physical and emotional care for your loved one, like Tri-County Health Care. Care centers often provide assistance with education and some of the options that your loved one might have in the various stages of cancer. They are also a great place to ask for more ideas of how to support your loved one.

Time Alone

Offer to babysit or let your loved one get out of the house for a night. This is sometimes the best thing that you could offer to someone fighting cancer. The person usually thinks about the long-term effects and doesn’t enjoy life. Giving your loved one a way to have fun is a way to take the person’s mind off of the disease.

The fight against cancer can be ugly and one that impacts many people in various ways. If you have a loved one who has cancer, it’s important to show that you’re there, even if it’s from the sidelines.