Back Pain Relief

Back pain is by no means something fun to experience. Not only does it can physical pain, but it can take its toll mentally as well. The body might be a marvelous thing, but the back can be permanently injured so easy that it isn’t funny. However, this is where core strengthening can come in handy. That’s right strengthening your core isn’t just about working on your six-pack. Strong abdominal muscles can also help prevent back injuries and promote proper spinal alignment. Exercising on a daily basis can even help reduce back pain if your back is already injured.

Too Much Rest Isn’t The Answer 

If you are a long time victim of back pain there is a good chance that you have been to a doctor that told you to rest and take it easy. In fact, this used to be a common way of dealing with back pain, but more and more studies are showing that too much rest will make your pain worse. Sure, it is hard to get up and exercise when you are in pain, but lack of exercise will just make the situation worse. It can promote stiffness, weakness, and de-conditioning. If you are dealing with disc-related issues, lack of exercise means that you are depriving your disc of the nutrition that it needs. Unfortunately, this will just speed up the degeneration and lead to even more pain.

Reducing Inflammation 

Any expert at Back and Body Chiropractor in New York City (midtown) will tell you that proper exercise possesses the power to reduce inflammation. This is extremely important because inflammation will naturally build in the tissues around an injured disc. The swelling of the tissue will just put more pressure on the injured disc and cause further pain.

What Exercises Work? 

It is true that it might take weeks or months of exercising before you find that relief that you are seeking, but it will come. Lower back pain and sciatica are best tackled by stretching the hamstrings on a regular basis. If you have been experiencing back pain for two weeks or longer it is possible that you might need to look into a strengthening program. These programs are designed to help long-term recovery and they usually include McKenzie exercises and lumbar stabilization training. Most physical therapists report that their patients who are aerobically conditioned tend to experience less back pain.

This is the case because low impact aerobic exercise can help brings nutrients to injured structures, which will speed of the healing process and keep the body well maintained. Low impact aerobic exercise can consist of walking, biking, jogging, swimming, using an elliptical machine. Water therapy might be your best option if you are in severe pain.

Visit A Professional 

Knowing the severity of the pain and the location of the pain is a good place to start recovery, but there might be a situation where you need to seek out a professional. You could be dealing with a very specific type of back issue that requires a certain rehabilitation program. This is why it is important to visit some kind of spine specialist that will properly diagnose your pain and prescribe an individualized exercise program.