Many people are desperate for a whiter smile and are paying hundreds of dollars for specialty in-office whitening treatments. Others are trying at-home methods, which could spell disaster for the enamel covering the teeth, gradually wearing it away. The four following methods can significantly improve the whiteness and cleanliness of the teeth without hurting the enamel, and many can be used effectively at home.

Use the Right Toothbrush

Anyone who has gone to a dentist knows the importance of brushing the teeth at least twice per day. However, what some do not know is the importance of changing the toothbrush every three months. After three months, the bristles become worn down and no longer have the cleaning power they once did. They may allow tartar and plaque to build up, which can lead to dull, yellowed teeth.

Keep the Tongue Clean

Besides brushing the teeth thoroughly, individuals should be brushing the tongue twice daily. Of course, brushing the tongue can keep the breath fresh and remove the white layer from the tongue. Additionally, brushing the tongue can remove bacteria from the mouth that can lead to tooth decay.

Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a natural method for building healthy teeth and gums. Once people get past the amount of time that it takes and the thought of swishing oil around the mouth, they find that it can work wonders while being budget-friendly. Coconut oil is the best option for this endeavor as it contains monolaurin, which is an antimicrobial important in stopping tooth decay. Oil pulling involves swishing oil in the mouth for around 20 minutes at a time.

Newer Options for Adults

Having teeth that are straight rather than crooked can make it easier to keep the teeth clean and cavity-free. Newer options for adults can make it easier to achieve this goal without having to feel self-conscious in public. For example, Invisalign from places like Montano & Cardall Orthodontic Specialists uses clear plastic plates to shift the teeth gradually and unobtrusively into a preferred position.

The tooth whitening option that one tries should fit into the person’s budget and be something that the individual believes he or she can maintain over the long-term. A dentist or orthodontist can be an excellent source of information about options that will help the teeth remain cavity-free while also providing the gleaming smile that people want. Additionally, individuals should consider how much time they have to wait to get a gleaming smile before beginning a new whitening product or treatment.