Visits to the dentist are never fun. Often, you have to wait long hours and feel like you have wasted a big part of your day. Sometimes, a dental operation may not just take you out of commission for a day, but for a couple of days.


While there are a lot of dental clinics that can eliminate infected or bad teeth in your mouth, and replace it with an implant, most clinics will make you wait a couple days while they make your implants, or put a temporary tooth in to help your mouth adjust.


“Teeth in a day” implants shorten this process, but before you decide to go this route, you should know the pros and cons of these implants.


The Process Of Getting A “Teeth in A Day” Implant


The standard process of getting implants involves a number of appointments after your initial consultation. Your infected tooth is removed, and you need to wait for it to heal before the implant can be added.

abcd3The process of implanting the tooth replacement is simple; there is an initial consultation, and your dentist takes an MRI of your mouth right after. Your dentist then lets you select what kind of implant you want: permanent or removable.


Your dentist then extracts your tooth, using specialized software for your implant placement and the precise angulation of your jawbone. With the help of this software, he/she can immediately insert the implant without damaging your upper or lower jaw.


The Advantages of “Teeth in A Day” Implants


There are a lot of people who have enjoyed the comfort and joy of getting their tooth replaced quickly with a “teeth in a day” implants. This dental process has become popular over the years, and more and more people now prefer it over the more traditional dental procedures. With this type of tooth replacement, you can have all your teeth replaced in just a day.

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The advantages include:


  • Cosmetic Improvement in an Instant


Your smile is instantly improved; all your missing teeth can be replaced, and your infected teeth can be removed. After that, you can leave the dental clinic and show the world your new smile.


  • Minimum Time Involved


The procedure is straightforward and the overall procedure time is relatively short. The whole process usually takes about two hours for every arch. You do not need invasive procedures such as bone grafting.


  • The Recovery Period is Shorter


The healing time for this is also short, and within 24 hours your whole mouth is fully functional. This is because the procedure is less invasive, which eliminates the necessity of waiting a long time to recover. Thus, the implant gives you lesser downtime than traditional methods.


  • The Discomfort is Less


The implant causes minimum disruptions in your life since they’re not as inconvenient as dentures. They don’t require special care, and you can care for it the way you care for your natural teeth. And the bite power of the “teeth in a day” implant is high, so your eating habits are not restricted.


The Disadvantages of “Teeth in A Day” Implants


Unfortunately, this type of tooth replacement implant is not a one-shoe-fits-all. It’s not for everyone. Your dentist may discourage you from getting this type of tooth replacement implant.


The disadvantages include:


  • The High Cost


The price might be the most restricting aspect of the procedure. These implants usually cost more than other tooth replacement procedures.

  • Dental Insurance Usually Doesn’t Cover the Procedure


Dental insurance coverage is low, and that’s why most of the time  dental insurance companies won’t cover the procedure of getting implants, or will only pay a partial amount.

  • The Procedure Requires Surgery
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The implant needs to be positioned into your bone, so it requires surgery. With any surgery, there are risks just like infection, bleeding, and more. However, the complication rate is only between five to 10 percent.


  • Over Time You Can Lose Bone Around Your Implants


You will experience slight bone loss over time. And if you lose a lot of bone, you need to replace the whole implant.


Are “Teeth in a Day” Implants Right For You?


Dental implants are like coins in that they have two sides: a good side and a bad side. The implantation procedure is an excellent treatment, but just like everything else, it isn’t perfect.


The most important thing is that you understand the benefits and the potential problems of the treatment option. If you’re looking to get the treatment, take time to sit down and talk with your dentist. He/she will discuss with you the pros and cons of this type of tooth replacement treatment. Folks such as those from ABC Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas can assist you in this situation.


Your dentist will be able to help you figure out if you’re a good candidate and whether you’ll proceed or not.





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