Screen Time Affecting Your Waistline 4 Health Benefits of Cycling

It is easy to get caught up with the latest television series, video game, or social media feud. However, all that screen time can lead to unintended consequences, including gaining undesired weight. The good news is that one simple activity can mitigate this effect, while also providing an array of other health benefits. Here are four health benefits of regular cycling.

Building Bone and Muscle

Cycling requires that you use the quadriceps in the thighs, gluteus muscles in the buttocks, and muscles in your shoulder. During the power phase, you will use all these muscles, thereby strengthening them. When you are doing the recovery phase, you activate the flexor muscles in the hips and the hamstrings in the back of the thighs. This muscle activity will help with building healthy bone as well as preventing bone loss.

Boosting Brainpower

Cycling has been known to have a positive effect on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also can bring improvements in brain function, brain structure, and cognition. According to a study completed by Dr. Art Kramer from the University of Illinois, regular physical activity like cycling may improve problem-solving skills as well as memory. Everyone, including children should cycle to help cognitive control and to encourage a less sedentary lifestyle.

Helping Arthritis Patients

Arthritis patients can benefit from cycling, especially if it is done indoors. This helps them get a good cardiovascular exercise without injuring any joints. People who have arthritis may be less likely to get out and cycle on a bike in the outdoors. Indoor cycling can help them have the benefits of cycling without the risk of injury.

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Improving Mental Health

For people who have mental illness, their symptoms of mental illness may be alleviated by cycling. For some people, cycling will help soothe anxiety and help them to feel in tune with their bodies. Cycling has been shown to help improve mood because the cardio activity increases the serotonin levels in the body. A person who suffers from mental illness can cycle at least once a day for the benefits that comes with doing this exercise.

There are many overall health benefits of cycling. It can help the overall both mind and body to become healthier. Consider adding a cycling routine to your everyday workout. You can choose to cycle outside on your own, or you can choose to join a cycling group at your local gym. Also, if you choose to cycle, you will likely want to show the world your passion. Companies like DHDWear will help you find the right style of cycling clothing.