weight_lossIn the United States, more than 3 out of every 5 adults will struggle with their weight. In addition to that, 1 out of every 3 adults will struggle with being obese. Staying at a healthy weight can be a challenge in a society that consumes unhealthy foods and lacks the time to cook or exercise properly. At the same time, a considerable amount of research has gone into how you can reach your ideal healthy state. Below we reveal our top 3 popular diets for tightening your waist line.

How Are These Diets Ranked?

Excellent question. For the sake of ensuring the highest level of research, our source is U.S. News and World Reports, who frequently lists healthy and not so healthy weight loss diets on the market. Carefully reviewed and ranked, let’s dive right in!

1. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for a long time. Helping people to lose weight all over the county, Weight Watchers focuses on a group support and social element to keep people heading in the right direction. In addition, it emphasizes fruits and vegetables over other foods, which is a different approach to a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. While it may be pricey and involve a tedious point-tallying system, it does offer an incredible flexibility as well as the ability for you to shape your own diet. It is a well balanced approach to a healthy diet and is universally ranked high by doctors and customers alike.

2. HMR Program

The aim of the HMR Program is to help you understand and change your lifestyle to reach your weight loss goals. You will lose weight and keep it off by reducing the amount of calories you consume in every meal. It works by replacing meat with fruits and veggies, by taking personal accountability, and by learning healthy lifestyle options for improving your overall health and wellbeing. Incorporating aspects of exercise in with dieting, HMR Program goes a step further than Weight Watchers. While it limits eating out and emphasizes shakes that can get boring after a time, it does allow for meals to be delivered to you as well as a phased approach that allows you to quickly start weight loss.

3. Biggest Loser Diet

Spawned from the Reality TV show with the same name, the Biggest Loser diet involves six weeks of intense healthy food eating and exercising. Helping to get our diets back in check, the Biggest Loser Diet returns us to a solid nutrition (instead of shakes) and doesn’t limit certain foods from being eaten. At the same time, it can be somewhat pricey and involve a lot of dedication on your part.