There is no doubt that tech that doesn’t have to be tethered to a cable or cord is more convenient. Wireless tech not only allows you to use the tech without getting tangled up in cables and cords, but it also allows you to take it where you want it without having to worry about outlets or plugs. What you may not be aware of, however, is that certain advancements in wireless tech can also save your life. Here are 3 advancements in wireless technology that could actually save your life.

Wearable Safety Tech

There are all kinds of new wearable tech products on the market that can help keep you safe in a variety of ways. Wearable tags can be worn inside your clothing or placed inside the clothing of children. The tags contain a GPS locator and also work like a panic button. If anything happens to the person, they can simply press a button on the tag and it will automatically connect to any open Wi-Fi and send a GPS location to a number of pre-programmed contacts. Some safety wearable tech comes in the form of jewelry which will generally pass by unnoticed by someone who wants to do you harm by parting you from your cell phone.


Wireless radios have a wide range of uses and functions which could one day save your life. For backpackers, hikers, campers or skiers, and snowboarders, wireless radios can allow you to call for help when you’re in an area with no cell phone coverage. Wireless radios also help safety personnel stay in communication in emergency situations, which can also help save your life. Radio communication may not be as prominent tech solution as it used to be, but companies like Altech Electronics keep radios in stock because they are still a necessary tool in many industries.

Emergency Information

Most cell phones these days contain a screen that allows emergency personnel to get detailed personal and medical data in case you are ever in an accident. In many cases, information such as your blood type and any allergies or medications you are taking can mean the difference between making a speedy recovery and going from bad to worse. Even wearable tech like smartwatches and fitness trackers have the ability to offer critical information that emergency responders need most.

While there is no doubt wireless tech is creating more and more convenient products, it could one day save your life. While there are already a number of products already on the market focused on doing just that, even more are soon to be available. When it comes to wireless tech, the sky is the limit in terms of how it might one day be used to save lives.