Nowadays, everybody knows what protein is. But it was times when it wasn’t easy for ordinary people to understand its significant role. Right now, you can see a man drinking a protein shake in every gym.

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Now, the time has come to explain as many people as possible what is peptides, their role, and where to take them. 

Peptides are small amino acids derived from animals or synthetically in a laboratory. Each organ produces its peptide. For example, the pineal gland peptide, which performs vital neurological, immune, and endocrine functions, can be called the peptide responsible for longevity. 

Is there an essential peptide?

Our body can produce short amino acids by itself. However, there are some reasons why an organism reduces its production:

1.    stress, including physical and emotional;

2.    illnesses;

3.    heavy physical activity;

4.    ecological situation. 

Plus, when we age, the production of these substances also reduce. This is important because it influences the physiological process what leads to cell regeneration slowing and human being ages. 

So, each body organ produces one particular peptide. In this case, everybody organ needs a special one to renew its function. But there is no one other relevant peptide as epitalon. It is synthesized one and similar to the one produced by the pineal gland, meaning it has the same sequence of short amino acids. It was developed by the Russian professor and gerontologist Khavinson V. 

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Epitalon is aimed at regulating the cell cycle by regulating telomerase activity. It consists of four amino acids having the following order – alanine-glutamate-asparagine-glycine. It has recommended itself as a powerful component to fight with breast cancer by silencing oncogenes activity and modification of telomerase activity.  

The experiments showed that epitalon is able to increase the activity of the telomerase enzyme leading the cells to come over the Hayflick limit. Using epitalon can help to prolong the “cells youth”. Its mechanism is related to reactivation of the genes` activity that tends to change while humane age. 

The biggest role

The discovery of short amino acids significantly widens prophylactic and treatment of different illnesses. The food supplements are created using the structure of the short peptides. 

Epitalon is highly successful in fighting with aging. When an individual takes it, it activates the cells’ recovery mechanism, increases the stability of the damaging factors, including toxins. 

We are alive while our cells tend to divide. The information about the Hayflick limit is in our DNA. The DNA parts, also known as a telomere, is about to become shorter every time the division had occurred. Right now, we can precisely describe the role played by the epitalon. Once our body received an injection or food supplement, it freely crosses all tissue barriers, mainly cell membranes, and nuclear membrane, and installed into the DNA structure, right where telomere is tending to shorten.