Some people dread going to the dentist’s office but when you require routine checkups or emergency treatment, it is important to identify a dentist that you are comfortable with. Good dentists posses various traits that are necessary for their efficiency.

Along with the technical education they receive over the years, it is important for them to have certain professional and personal qualities. There are numerous capable dentists that you can choose from and this has contributed to an increase in the expectations that patients have when they look for dental professionals.

Interpersonal Skills

Technical dentist skills are complemented by good bedside manners that keep the patient at ease. Key attributes include a pleasant attitude, friendly approach, genuine interest in the patient’s wellbeing and good conversational skills. Dentists need to be able to spend adequate time focusing on each patient as they build relationships and personal rapport.


  • A good dentist is aware of the value of patience. It is essential for medical professionals to avoid creating schedules that do not provide enough time to discuss oral health and care with each individual.
  • Dentists are required to deal with all types of people, ranging from young children to the elderly as well as people who may be afraid of dental procedures or have negative attitudes.
  • Remaining calm while under pressure and being patient is crucial for providing better overall care. These are traits that enable the dentist to interact positively with patients.

Critical Thinking

Dental care goes beyond cavity filling and regular teeth cleaning. Oral care involves diagnosing gum diseases and determining whether patients need tooth extractions, root canals, periodontics and orthodontics. Find Irvine dentist here.

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Although a dentist who does not specialize in certain areas may not surgically remove teeth or set braces, all professionals are required to be familiar with these procedures. A dentist should understand how a problematic tooth can affect other teeth nearby. Dentists also need to be aware of development among children to ensure timely and accurate care for their dental needs.

Precision and Manual Dexterity

Top dentists require precise movements and nimble hands. For procedures such as tooth extraction or cavity filling, dentists utilize a variety of tools that are manipulated to fit within small spaces of the patient’s mouth. A slight mishap may damage a tooth, gums or mouth and potentially lead to significant injuries. Whether conditions are being diagnosed or treated, a dentist must depend on effective hand-eye coordination when taking care of patients.

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Compassion and Credibility

Dentists are expected to be compassionate and credible. Dental problems have the potential to affect different aspects of an individual’s life. Your dentists should be sensitive to issues that may result from poor oral health.

A compassionate approach makes patients feel more comfortable when they need to seek help. Dentists need to be honest and credible in order for their patients to be able to trust their judgment and place their care in a particular professional’s hands.

Problem Solving Skills

Another essential trait for qualified dentists is problem solving skills. Some patients may have dental problems without a clear solution. Under such circumstances the dentist needs to be able to think decisively to determine the appropriate treatment for the patient.