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When diets are introduced, there is usually a specific problem in mind, which they aim to tackle. That means that certain people are more in need of that diet than others are. Who then should get on the DASH diet?

Those suffering from or at risk of hypertension

The DASH diet is specifically designed to tackle hypertension by reducing the sodium intake. The DASH diet aims to prevent or manage high blood pressure. As such, those suffering from hypertension or those at risk of contracting hypertension should get on the diet. High blood pressure has a number of risk factors such as age, genetics, obesity and others. If you know that you fall within the parameters of any of those risk factors, then you should get on the DASH diet. Examples include, from the middle-aged onwards, those who have a family history of high blood pressure, those suffering from obesity, those with a high sodium count and low potassium count in the body, those with unhealthy habits such as no exercise, among others.

Those with weight loss problems

Although weight loss was not the initial intention of the diet, it has shown tremendous success in that regard. The fact that it emphasizes wholesome and controlled nutritional intake and limits calorie intake makes it very suitable for a weight loss diet. Therefore, those with weight loss issues should get on the diet. Of course, for greater effectiveness and efficiency of the diet, you should couple it with exercise.

Those looking for a healthy diet for personal reasons

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Some people get on diets as a matter of principle and preference. If you are one of those people looking for a healthy diet with little or no downside, then you should consider starting yourself on the DASH diet. The diet emphasizes a healthy consumption of wholesome nutrients with multiple benefits for the body and you definitely stand to gain a lot from it.

Anyone else, whether healthy or not

Most diets usually have very strict restrictions on who can and can’t take part in a diet. For something aimed at improving healthy living to have such restrictions is just counterproductive and limiting. The DASH diet, though placing emphasis on hypertension, has very many health benefits and no restrictions about who is and isn’t eligible. Therefore, whether you are a young person, athletic, healthy, sick from another condition aside from hypertension, you can get involved with the diet.


Basically, everyone is eligible to participate in the DASH diet. However, if you have been advised otherwise by a medical professional or are on a different diet, you should avoid the DASH diet until you can get approval or until you finish your other diet plans.