Your kitchen is a powerful place in terms of keeping you healthy. Not only is it the place where you can cook healthier meals to look after your mind and body, but it also offers a lot of home remedies that can squelch troublesome problems in an instant.

1. Tea bags

Everyone feels better after a cup of tea, as this magical drink can feel like a warm hug after a hard day at work. But the tannins and caffeine in tea can also help externally. Tea bags, when applied on skin, can reduce swelling and inflammation. It’s a quick cure for puffy eyes and sunburn. If you need to refill your tea selection, then Wedgwood has a stunning tea selection available through OZCodes in affordable prices.

2. Avocado

Avocados are full of healthy vitamins, such as C and E. It’s also full of carotenoids, which help calm redness and inflammation of your skin. Make a face mask with avocados my smashing them up and applying to your face. Just don’t wipe it off with chips and eat – get some extra for that!

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is another handy home remedy for simple burns and skin rashes. Dilute your vinegar with water and apply on the skin with a cotton pad. The acidity can clear the skin and purify the infected area. Avoid pouring it on severe burns or deep, open wounds, as this can cause more pain than necessary!

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fantastic remedy for chapped or chafed skin. You can even use it to moisturise your dry hair. To do this, simply rub some oil to the ends of your hair before bedtime. Wash away in the morning and your hair is shinier. Always remember to opt for a quality olive oil, such as Cape Schanck olive oil.

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5. Papaya

Are you suffering from an upset stomach? Try eating a bit of papaya. The magical fruit has an enzyme called papain, which has been proven to aid digestion and prevent constipation. So, if you are feeling bloated, gassy or just have an upset stomach, a little papaya dessert can help you feel better. If you’d rather drink it, you can always purchase papaya tea and have a cup when the stomach problems occur.

6. Oats

If you want to keep your heart healthy, you might want to eat some oats every morning. But you can also use it to sooth an inflamed skin and exfoliate skin – teenagers can truly benefit from an oat mask. The magical fibre produce also cures sunburns, poison ivy, and mosquito bites. You only need to prepare your oats and let them cool a bit before applying to the skin. Leave them to rest in the problem area for a bit before washing off. If your skin needs extra attention, apply an aloe vera or coconut oil-based moisturiser after the oat treatment.

7. Garlic

You could easily give garlic the ingredient of the year award in consecutive years. Guidelines Health has written about the benefits of garlic and this natural anti-microbial in treating mononucleosis, but there are plenty other ways to use it. If you are feeling like the flu is catching up, eat some raw garlic and rub it on your feet at night. The allicin component of garlic will start its magic, killing of bacteria and viruses.


Another great remedy for a number of internal problems is ginger. The wonder ingredient has been shown to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow in the body. Therefore, it’s often used as a painkiller, with one study suggesting it could be as effective in treating period pain as ibuprofen. So, if you are having cramps, then brew a cup of ginger tea – Wedgewood’s selection has plenty of options for this and you can use the teabags later!

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9. Sea salt

Sea salt can be a great purifier, so gargling with it during flu is a great idea and it can even remove bacteria from small wounds and help with infections in the mouth. But it can also cure dry skin! Mix sea salt with a light massage oil and rub your body gently with the mixture. Wash it off and you’ll have a beautiful exfoliated skin. You should also consider gently massaging your head with a salt mixture, as it can improve circulation and cleanse your scalp efficiently.

10. Honey

Honey is full of amazing qualities and it can be used as anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-parasitic remedy. If you’re suffering from a cough, sore throat, eczema, morning sickness, or minor skin burns, then honey can be used internally and externally to smoothen your mind and body. Raw honey tends to be the best option – pick something organic and natural from Honey Australia.

There you have it! 10 amazing home remedies you can find in your kitchen. Just remember that home remedies should never replace a visit to a physician. If you have a problem, it’s important to get it checked and then add extra strength to curing the issue with the above ingredients.