Modern diagnostic equipment makes it possible to detect more and more diseases timely. However, not all countries can offer treatment options for rare diseases. For example, there are not many countries where you can get treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Therefore, in order to maintain their health, many ALS patients have to undergo treatment abroad. The best country for the treatment of rare diseases at the moment is Israel. ALS treatment in Israel is one of the most effective among developed countries. The country has dozens of ultramodern clinics with equipment that allows treating even the most complicated diseases.

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) is the disease in which the brain and spinal cord cells, that are responsible for body movements, die. The disease involves the simultaneous activation of several cellular pathways in neurons and glial cells. This results in severe motor dysfunction. Muscles become weaker due to a lack of stimulation by nerves. Until now, the cause of ALS development remains unknown.

At the moment, there is no complete cure for this pathology, there are only methods of treatment that can slow down its progression. The fact is that the death of motor cells starts long before a person feels any symptoms of the disease. At this point, too few healthy nerve cells remain in the body to stop or completely cure, the disease.

Benefits of Israel

Every year millions of patients come to Israel to undergo the most effective therapy in the world. Modern clinics in Israel can offer a number of advantages that will interest you:

  • Individual approach to each patient.
  • The cost of ALS treatment in Israel is lower than in many developed countries.
  • Huge experience of Israeli doctors.
  • Upon completion of treatment, a patient will undergo effective rehabilitation.
  • All hospitals in Israel are equipped with the latest technologies.
  • Only the most effective treatment protocols are used in the treatment of diseases.
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In order to make the treatment process as effective as possible, a huge team of highly qualified doctors will work with each patient: physiotherapists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, and many others. To get the best results, all procedures will be performed on the most modern Israeli equipment.

The therapeutic strategy used in the treatment of ALS is aimed at protecting the remaining neurons from death, as well as stimulating cellular repair. All doctors in the world are working on effective methods of treatment, but at the moment there are still very few of them. 

The most effective method of ALS treatment is considered to stem cell therapy “NerOwn”. Its essence is the introduction of stem cells into the patient’s body. According to the research, the procedure helps to slow down the degeneration of cells for a while and protects them from death.

Israel’s best clinics

There are many modern clinics in Israel that have experienced doctors and the latest equipment. Almost all clinics have been accredited by JCI, which confirms the highest level of medical services. Among all clinics, we would like to highlight the most popular ones:

  • Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. One of the best hospitals in the world, almost two million patients are treated here annually. The clinic employs hundreds of best doctors from all over the world, who apply the most advanced methods of disease treatment.
  • Rambam Health Care Campus. The second most popular clinic in Israel, has at its disposal many specialized departments, from cardiology to cancer ones. The clinic has 25 laboratories, which allows improving the efficiency of diagnosis making, as well as developing innovative drugs.
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How do you get to Israel for treatment?

If you want to undergo treatment in a country with the highest level of medicine, Israel is the perfect choice for you. Medical tourism operator Booking Health will help you find the best medical center. In addition, the company provides the lowest prices for treatment abroad, which will save you money. 

The list of advantages that you will get when choosing Booking Health:

  • A personal selection of the best hospital.
  • Help with the purchase and shipment of medications.
  • Medical insurance services.
  • Providing a personal interpreter.
  • Establishing personal contact with your doctor.