When it comes to the choice of career young people want to pick nowadays, it has moved away from the monetary side of things, to achieving job satisfaction, with a salary that is sufficient to cope with the things that most of us need in everyday life. People are now choosing the job that allows them to help other people every single day and to change lives, when possible. The rewards that they are looking for, are the smiles on people’s faces and while a decent salary is needed, anything more than that, is excess to requirements. People are now looking into careers like nursing, home-care and social work.

The Right Qualifications.

In order to be a qualified social worker, one needs to go through a lot of hard work and that includes signing yourself up for the necessary academic qualifications, to do your job properly and effectively. Many people and families are relying on your expertise and guidelines, and so it is crucial that you are properly qualified and able to dispense information and advice when required. Thankfully, there are institutions of learning that offer courses in this truly exceptional job. For example, JCU’s Bachelor in Social Work is currently on offer and it allows you to learn everything that you need to know, in the right setting and environment. If it is your wish to pursue a career in social work, or you’re not quite sure if it’s the right career choice for you, then have a look at the following benefits of becoming a social worker, and maybe they will help you to make up your mind.

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  • Many choices – When you decide to get involved in the field of social work, there are many different specialisations that you can choose from. These include working with children and families, with your local schools, with people with mental health issues, and also others who suffer from substance abuse. There are a wide number of different employers to choose from like your local hospital, the many nursing homes dotted all around Australia, mental health and substance abuse clinics, and even the Australian military. There are so many opportunities for you to use your influence and change lives.


  • Job satisfaction – If you’re looking for a job, that when you come home in the evening, your heart is warmed and you feel a great deal of satisfaction because you have helped others that day, then getting involved in social work is definitely the career for you. There are so many people out there that need help that are less privileged than yourself, and if you can’t provide them with the help that they need, then you can point them in the right direction toward support groups and government assistance. You will enjoy high job satisfaction when you become a social worker.


As well as many career choices and a career which makes you feel good at the end of a working day, there is also the potential to make a very healthy income once you become a full-time social worker. If you decide to specialise in particular sectors where demand is high, then you can hope to make a significant amount of money each year. You help people, you have greater job satisfaction and you make a very worthwhile salary. What’s not to like?