Genius pipes are the greatest invention when it comes to smoking. They have been referred to many as one of the best devices if not the best. This is due to their ability to collect tar and make it possible for you to have a new, clean experience when it comes to smoking. When you have less tar in your smoke then chances are that you will not have throat irritations that normally lead to dry coughs. However, some people sell them at a very high price. Thus, you need to use your genius pipe coupons to buy them at an affordable price. The coupons act like promo codes. If you haven’t had the opportunity of buying these genius pipes, then you need the following information;


  • Cost/discount


Now that they are new in the market, they come with a heavy price tag. However, the sellers and manufacturers have come up with ways of making them affordable. This is by using a promo code. This will allow you to get a piece of this wonderful pipe at an affordable price. The other thing you need to consider when buying this genius pipe is the what the promo code discount is. If you find the shop near you doesn’t make it affordable even after selling it at a discount, you can buy it online and use a unique genius pipe discount code. Make sure you take the best discount available.


  • Design and shape


The one thing you need to consider before you use your promo code to buy a genius pipe is the design. The better the design, the more chances of you buying and enjoying using it. You shouldn’t just buy something just because it is on a discount. You will get fed up with time and start regretting it if it doesn’t meet your standards. To save yourself from such situations when getting a genius pipe, just be honest with yourself and buy something that you like. The genius pipe also has a very simple shape. This makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go to. If you don’t want something bulky, this is the product for you.

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  • Own desires and Referrals


According to, you should always put yourself first. Your needs should be a priority; thus you need not forget to find a genius pipe that meets your needs. There is no use of buying a pipe that you will soon lose interest in. In most cases, you should be able to enjoy the value for your money whether you bought it on discount or not. Referrals might also influence the type of genius pipe you buy. When you get a friend who refers you to such a product, ensure that you ask them all the relevant questions. The answers you get will either influence your decision towards buying it or not. References are sometimes good because you get to get save yourself the time of doing research about a new product in the market.