Historically, teenhood has always been a challenging phase to the teenager and the parents too!

Most people do parenting depending on how they were brought up. The only issue is that the advent of technology, access to information and current socio economic factors make a parent’s teen hood very different from what his/her teens are going through.

The burst in internet accessibility, proliferation of social media sites and a society that is becoming more lax in regards to societal morals contribute to making teens a picky topic to handle for most parents.

There is a video that did the rounds on social media showing a mother who literally took a shot gun and blasted her children’s smartphones and tablet. And as if that was not enough, she picked a sledge hammer and crushed the remaining bits to smithereens. Her three teenagers were standing on the side watching the unfolding scenario in horror.

Teen therapists

All this time she could be heard saying,”I am taking back respect and obedience from my children. I refuse to be disrespected and disobeyed.”

Now, that was a tad radical, but it shows the extreme frustration some parents with teenagers go through.

It is for such times and challenges that qualified Teen therapists can provide apt teen solutions.

Before you think that seeking teen therapy is for people who have really gone down life’s pathway, let’s look at some people whose lives were changed by timely teen therapy:

  • Halle Berry

Halle Berry has confessed in Hello Magazine that she has been through therapy since she was ten years old. Since her father was an alcoholic and quite abusive, her mother organised for Halle’s sessions with an unbiased person to unburden her feelings and talk issues out.

  • Tyler Posey
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The dashing actor suffered from depression when his mother died and he had to seek therapy, which he says helped him a lot. Previously, he had shunned seeking help due to common misconceptions and stigma associated with people who seek therapy.

  • Lauren Gay Boy

Lauren Gay in an article in the Huffington post tells about how she put her black teenage son through therapy. She had just undergone a divorce with her then boyfriend and her teenage son took the separation very hard. She didn’t think it was a big deal until her son began skipping school and one day she found him sobbing inconsolably at home. Luckily, she organised counselling sessions and the boy picked up and went on well with his life.

Seek Help,the earlier the better

The University of Cambridge did a study which was published in the Lancet Psychiatry  and they  found out that teenagers who sought mental health treatment when they were young had fewer depressive symptoms when they grew old than teenagers in the same age bracket who did not seek any treatment.