If you are like a growing number of people who want to retain your youthful appearance for as long as possible, then you must do something meaningful to preserve the health of your skin. Even the best skin-care routine, however, cannot hold back the weight of time forever, and many find themselves with sagging skin and wrinkles. Luckily, you don’t need to go under the knife to solve this problem. Thanks to modern technology, there are cosmetic procedures that are non-surgical and still give the same, if not better results. Here are just four of the major benefits of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

4 Benefits of Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Short Recovery Times

The first benefit you need to be aware of is that nonsurgical cosmetic procedures lead to much shorter recovery times than you would experience from having surgical cosmetic procedures. In some situations, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures involve little to no recovery time whatsoever. This is often the case with face and neck tightening procedures like high frequency ultrasound (HIFU). In these types of procedures, soundwaves are sent into your skin, just like with a typical ultrasound, but at a higher frequency that vibrate your skin (and fat deposits, as well, helping to eliminate them.) There is no knife, no stitches, and no wound to heal from. This means that you can schedule a non-surgical procedure for any day without the worry of losing time at work or from other responsibilities.

Stimulate Protein Production

Another key benefit of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for skin lifting and tightening is that these procedures typically work by provoking your body to engage in a healing process. This process benefits the health of your skin, because it stimulates the production of proteins like collagen or elastin. Collagen helps to provide lift to the skin, and elastin helps to tighten the skin. Both proteins work to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and cause your skin to look more youthful. This is much more effective than traditional surgical procedures because instead of removing skin, you are making your skin healthier and stronger. When you have face and neck tightening done, it can truly take years off and repair the damage of time.


The Results Are Long Lasting

While the results of applying creams and serums have a limited effect on rejuvenating the appearance of your skin, many nonsurgical cosmetic procedures will have longer lasting effects. Using Botox and fillers, for example, can provide muscle relaxation and lift to keep wrinkles at bay for a long time. In addition, these simple, nonsurgical approaches can often be used in conjunction with other nonsurgical procedures to improve the longevity of the results achieved. HIFU, in particular, typically only ever needs to be done once due to the strength it gives to your skin. This is very different from surgical procedures, which don’t address the underlying problem that causes sagging or wrinkled skin, resulting in the potential need for repeat procedures.

No Scarring

Many modern approaches to skin tightening tend to be noninvasive, which reduces the risk of scar lines being left behind when having cosmetic procedures done. The scars left by surgical procedures often feel counterproductive to the cosmetic goals behind getting work done in the first place. However, with non-surgical procedures, there is no wound made in the skin, which means no mark left behind. Non-invasive procedures are much safer overall, and some can even remove scars from previous procedures.

The modern age has given you a vast number of nonsurgical cosmetic approaches to improve the look and health of your skin. Certain procedures help to achieve better results than others. Consequently, it is a good idea to become familiar with all the many options available to you before making a decision regarding the care of your skin. Speak to your primary care physician and a professional cosmetic doctor to find out the underlying cause of your skin problems so that they can be addressed with the correct procedure.

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