4 Extracurricular Activities To Help Your Hearing Impared Child Thrive

Image source: Pixabay

If your child is hard of hearing, he or she may feel left out by the other kids or isolated from the world in general. As a parent, you can encourage your child to try new things and find ways to overcome their hearing. Fortunately, there are many activities that you can enroll your son or daughter to achieve that goal.

Let Your Child Play Sports

There are both leagues organized by school districts and recreational leagues that allow deaf or hearing-impaired kids to participate. In some cases, your child may be allowed to play with a hearing team at school. The law may require that reasonable adjustments be made to keep your child safe.

Debate Clubs Help Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Being on a debate team will force your child to think outside the box and confront his or her own biases and misconceptions about the world. It is possible that the thrill of arguing a point will bring your son or daughter out of his or her shell. Once that happens, he or she may find it easier to make friends and have a healthy understanding of social situation and discussions.

Being Part of Student Council Helps Develop Leadership Skills

Being a class president or treasurer will show your child what it means to be a leader. It will also show your child how to put the needs of others over his or her own. By taking a bigger picture view of life, your son or daughter may start to worry less about how he or she is perceived by others. They will also develop leadership skills that will serve them well in school and the rest of their life.

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Your Curious Child May Enjoy a Science and Technology Club

Being part of a science club may bring out the curious and technical side of your son or daughter. Schools often bring in professionals from the community to help with projects and hands-on experience. If your child shows interest in science, you could help them compete in a science fair. This is a great opportunity for your child to expand their knowledge and learn a healthy level of competition.

Being a parent isn’t easy regardless of whether your child can hear or not. Above are some tips to help your child find extra-curricular activities they can excel at. You may consider visiting hearing professionals, like those at hearservice, to help your child improve their hearing. The activities above are great options for your child to participate in, as well as many other you may find through your own research.