With the overabundant, and often contradictory, information related to the HCG diet plan on the internet, many wrong notions can exist in the minds of people who have just begun to explore the program. And in this post, we bust a few misconceptions that surround the HCG diet plan.


You may come across people who advise you that doing exercises while on an HCG diet is okay. After all, since you are already losing weight through a diet plan, why not exercise at the same time and get double the benefits, right? This is a wrong notion. In fact, the truth is the complete opposite. You should stay away from doing workouts while on the HCG diet. This is because you are only consuming about 500 calories. And if you exercise in such a condition, you may suffer from problems like low blood sugar, dehydration etc.

Eating Meat

There is a popular misconception that an HCG diet since it mandates just 500 calories per day, is mostly vegan or vegetarian. This is false. Not only is consuming meat okay with the program, it is even recommended as a good source of protein. What is advised is that you only eat organic meat and avoid all other types of meat. This is because the regular meat will contain the growth hormones that were injected into the animal while it was growing. And consuming such meat can cause you to gain weight. If you think organic meat is too expensive for you, replace it with fish.  

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Shots vs Pellets

HCG does not come in injections alone. They are also available in the form of pellets. While many people say that HCG injections are better than taking it in the form of pellets, the truth is that there is not much difference between the two.  Both contain the same compounds and have had many people attest to its success. If you are comparing HCG Diet shots and pellets, the only thing to look for is which method you prefer – an injection or something digestible. Quality wise, they are both same and will provide similar results.  

HCG Diet And Pregnancy

The HCG hormones are naturally secreted by pregnant women and aids in the success of their pregnancy. Due to this fact, many people believe that going on an HCG diet can increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. However, this is not true. And in fact, there is no study to support the case. But as a woman, you need to understand that an HCG dosage will likely increase your fertility, though only by a little. As such, it is better to take some extra precautions if you engage in any sexual activity while on the diet program.