4 Natural Face Wash Types to Help Conquer Acne

Acne is a common problem, but those who suffer from it can feel very alone. What you may not know is that all those over-the-counter creams, soaps and scrubs can just make your acne worse. The harsh chemicals in these products can irritate you skin, which leads to inflammation and more breakouts. However, these four soothing face washes can help you conquer acne naturally.

Witch Hazel

A time-tested remedy for pimples is a plant extract called witch hazel. This natural substance absorbs oil and prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria. If your acne is minor, try dabbing witch hazel directly on blemishes. Outbreaks can be calmed or prevented by using a face wash or toner containing witch hazel. Don’t forget to follow up with an oil-free moisturizer because witch hazel can be drying. If your skin feels tight or flaky, stop using witch hazel for a few days.


A relatively new and very effective treatment for acne is topical CBD. This derivative of the cannabis plant has many healing properties, such as reducing inflammation, inhibiting sebum production and preventing bacteria growth. An antibacterial CBD tincture applied directly to blemishes is a great way to zap zits overnight. You can also try a face wash or moisturizer infused with CBD.

Rosehip Oil

If you’re well out of your teen years and still struggling with acne, give rosehip oil a try. Not only does this natural botanical clear pores and prevent blemishes, it also has anti-aging properties. Rosehip oil is packed with naturally-occurring antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C, which boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Use a cleanser and moisturizer with rosehip oil morning and night to keep your skin clear and wrinkle-free.

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Are you looking for a mild daily astringent to clarify your skin and shrink your pores? Reach for the lemongrass. This citrus-scented tropical plant is an ancient skincare secret with antimicrobial and cleansing properties. Use a cleanser made from lemongrass or massage diluted lemongrass oil into your face before bed. You can also use it in a paste to leave on blemishes overnight so you can wake up to clear skin.

Although acne is often a normal part of being a teenager, sometimes it’s more serious. If your acne is severe and doesn’t respond to home treatment or you’re an adult with acne, consider seeing a dermatologist for help. There are many professional treatments and prescription medications that can help.