Getting perfect nails is no easy task. And it can also be dangerous – if you expose your nails to risks then you could end up with a nail infection, brittle nails, or nails that grow weak and split. The best way to get perfect nails over the long term is to protect and look after your nails, while finding strategies that make your nails look good on a daily basis. Here are some safe ideas for beautiful-looking nails that last.

  1. Choose a Safe Nail Salon

Unfortunately many nail salons are breeding grounds for germs and you could end up with a severe infection if your salon does not use clean instruments or the correct techniques. Make sure that you visit the salon before you book so you can ensure it looks professional, clean, and bright. Make sure that the salon has a license. Look at how they sterilize the tools and choose somewhere the uses liquid disinfectants.



  1. Perfect Your At-Home Mani

If you are not sure that a nail salon is completely hygienic it is much better to do a mani at home yourself. But make sure you do not harm your nails by using harsh chemicals, and try to be as gentle as possible with the nail when you work on them. Don’t cut your cuticles – these are essential for providing protection against infection and if the skin is torn it increases the risk. Make sure that you use clean and sterile tools each time you do your own manicure, and keep the tools in a safe place.

  1. Get Some Press-Ons
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When an at-home mani is too time-consuming and the nail salon is not working for you, get some help from press-on nails. Press-on nails are a lifesaver when you want great-looking nails in no time. And they do not harm your nails – they can actually help protect them. Press-ons are really quick to apply and you can also change them quickly so that you can update your look without having to make a beauty appointment. For a Healthy Gel Manicure they are the perfect solution.

  1. Go Au Natural

If your nails are looking basically OK, but you want to make sure they go from strength to strength, take a bit of time out from the routine of polish and press-ons. Make sure you moisturize your nails and your hands regularly. Keep the nails out of hot water and take care of them in a basic way by filing and buffing, and keeping them clean. After a few days you will start to see a difference in the health of your nails and by then it will be time to give them a boost with a press-on gel manicure or a new color.