4 Strategies To Help Your Child Recover From A Physicians Mistake

Doctors are highly trained, well-educated professionals who care for hundreds of patients every week. Just like other people, a doctor can make a mistake. If a physician’s mistake has affected your child, you can use these four strategies to help your son or daughter mentally and physically recover from the experience.


Talking to Your Child

As soon as you realize that your child has experienced a physician’s mistake, explain the situation to your child. Being honest about the issue will build trust between you and your child. Explain that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, including moms, dads, doctors and nurses. Use words that your child can understand, and present the information in a way that is not frightening.


Spending Time Together

If your child needs some time to physically recover from the physician’s mistake, turn the situation into something that benefits both of you. Choose some great novels and read them aloud together. Buy a high-quality set of colored pencils and some fancy coloring books or papers and color or draw together. Snuggle together and watch some classic movies that you both enjoy.


Finding New Health Care Professionals

Finding new health care professionals for your child is an important step in moving on from the mistake. If possible, interview new health care providers, and bring your child along with you. Allow your child to ask the physician some questions. Including your child in the process makes it easier for him or her to trust them. Make sure the new doctors and health care professionals will be a good fit for your family. Ask about nighttime and weekend urgent care, vaccination policies and other issues that are important to you. You can learn more here about the type of training and education you should look for in your healthcare professionals.

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Improving Your Child’s Health Together As a Team

After a medical mistake, take a team approach to improving your child’s health. Focus on the things you can control, such as what your child eats and how much physical activity he or she gets. Follow the recommended treatment plan provided to you from your new doctors so that your child can recover from the past doctor’s mistake.


With these four helpful tips, you and your child can rebuild trust in the professionals you entrust your health care to. Finding the right new health care professionals is a big step in that process. Ask as many questions as you need to, and encourage your child to do the same. Together, you and the new physicians can help your child to make a full recovery.