Preventative medicine is the best kind of medicine. For a short period of time and minor fee, you have a professional look you over to make sure everything is functioning the way it should. Here are the four health assessments you can routinely schedule to guarantee you’ll never wonder if you’re healthy or not.

General Check-Up

This check-up is the most basic check-up you can add to your routine. At the doctor’s, your blood pressure will be checked, blood taken, and a physical given. Your physician will then note any abnormalities and ask if there’s anything you’d like looked at. It’s typically a quick way to make sure all of your shots are recent and that there are no early warning signs of an impending sickness.

Teeth Cleaning

Typically done every six months, regular teeth cleaning is important for not only the health of your mouth but also the health of your body. After all, issues with the mouth can lead to issues elsewhere. Even if you are adamant about flossing and brushing regularly, meeting with your dentist on a set schedule means catching anything before it gets out of hand.

Ear Exams

Often overlooked, ear exams screen for things like hearing loss, discharge, and lumps. Doctors get to peer into a world we rarely see. They are great for determining the causes behind things like ear pressure, causes that we typically cannot determine on our own. If they find your hearing is impaired in some way, there’s a good chance you’ll walk away with some hearing aids.

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Gynecologic and Prostate Exams

For men and women, the importance of these check-ups cannot be over stated. With our advancements in cancer detection and prevention, everyone should make time to make sure they aren’t suffering early stages. These should be scheduled as regularly as the doctor asks, especially since continual advancements alter these requirements.

If you want true peace of mind in regards to your health, nothing is more important than regularly scheduled check-ups for these main four parts of your body. Early detection and prevention is so much easier to deal with than late discovery and aggressive treatment. Don’t wonder if you’re healthy. Know that you’re healthy.