Over the last century there have been many innovations that have improved quality of life. Medical science has developed breakthroughs that have extended the human lifespan. Here are some of the ways that medicine is helping to keep people healthier longer.

Targeted Cancer Therapies

The Human Genome Project has led to a better understanding of how genetics play a role in disease. This advancement has made it possible to target the genes that are responsible for causing cancer. These drugs target the genes and turn them off. This essentially kills the cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells. This advance in science has led to a more targeted approach in disease management. As scientists learn more about different genes, other therapies may be developed. In the future, drugs may be created for a specific person’s genetic makeup.

Organ Transplantation Surgery

People are now able to live healthier lives due to organ transplantation. Before this breakthrough, the loss of kidney function meant a slow death or being on dialysis. Pairing these surgical innovations with immunosuppressant drugs has made organ donations more successful. The waiting list for organ transplants is long and not guaranteed. Scientists are exploring the possibility of growing new organs for individuals in need. This can be done through the use of stem cells. These highly versatile cells are the building blocks of life.

Reduced Infant Mortality Rates

Infant mortality rates were very high at the turn of the century. A premature birth didn’t lead to a good outcome. Modern medicine has improved the survivability of babies that are born pre-term. Infants born at twenty-three weeks can survive with medical intervention. This advance has also decreased the risks associated with childbirth for the mothers. The use of modern medical equipment has reduced long difficult labors. Unfortunately this trend has not extended past the industrialized world. Hopefully with more educational opportunities, the rest of the world will benefit.

Research Trials

Science is the brave new world. Research trials are always testing the limits. Various companies, like Sci Safe, offer researchers the technology to store their test samples. Having their research in a controlled environment allows for further scientific advancements. A sample monitoring system allows for the safe long term storage of these trial samples. This functions as an archive system for past experiments. This is essential to receive FDA approval for these trials. More treatment options will be available to combat other types of diseases. These trials are the future of medical science.

Medicine continues to advance with technology and education. These are some of the ways that medical science has improved your life.