Clean, white teeth enhance your physical appearance. Most of us are put off by discolored teeth or bad breath. The Mayo Clinic indicates that poor oral care can lead to a buildup of mouth bacteria that sometimes inhibits the body’s immune system. Aesthetically and medically, good oral care is a must and can be readily managed by following these four tips.

Brush after Eating

While many people remember to brush their teeth after each meal, we sometimes forget to do so after snacks. Sugary cookies or soda, along with anything we eat at any time of the day, can leave bacterial deposits and food debris that should be brushed away as soon as possible. If brushing isn’t feasible to do when dining out, rinsing the mouth with fresh water can help to remove surface residue.

Floss Daily

Flossing is fast, easy, and effective. It helps to remove food particles lodged in the crevices between teeth and around the gum line. Daily flossing offers added protection to keep teeth healthy and strong. While it may be inconvenient to floss during the day, even once before bedtime can be helpful.

Use Dental Rinses

Your dentist may prescribe various mouth rinses to enhance oral health. Some products include ingredients like alcohol to kill germs. Others contain fluoride for people whose drinking water does not contain this substance, which helps to prevent cavities. A teeth whitening rinse or strips remove stains and grime from teeth to make them whiter, and most of us maintain more effective dental care to keep our dazzling smile.

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Get Regular Dental Exams

Dental experts recommend comprehensive oral exams twice a year, or more often for those with special conditions like diabetes or orthodontic braces. A thorough exam usually includes occasional x-rays, visual inspection of the soft tissues and teeth, and a manual exam to look for jaw problems or mouth cancer. Recommendations may be made for specialist consultations if periodontal or orthodontic work is needed, along with possible wisdom teeth extraction. A professional dental cleaning, like that available from The Smile Architects, is a procedure you should have done regularly. Patients leave the office feeling great with an ultra-clean mouth and follow-up instructions.

Good oral health begins at home and should be practiced on a daily basis for optimum results. Ask your dentist for guidelines on the most important things you can do to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth in good working condition for years to come.