We wear socks to keep our feet warm or to wear them with sneakers. But what if socks could help you address different kinds of foot problems? Sounds unbelievable? Well, it is true. Copper socks or compression socks can help you deal with a number of foot problems. Read on to know more.

Relieving Foot Pain
Relieving Foot Pain

Why Are Copper Socks Special

Copper socks go beyond the basic functions of normal socks and deliver real benefits as well as protect your feet. They simulate the production of capillaries, collagen and key proteins to produce softer, healthier skin. Moreover, copper’s antibacterial properties protect your feet against fungi and bacteria, thus keeping your feet healthy and odor-free.

You can see results in just 20 days if you use them daily. As soon as the fiber comes in contact with the body, it starts protecting you. Its regenerative, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties will remain wash after wash.

Feet Problems Copper Socks Can Help With

People can suffer from a number of foot problems. While there may be many remedies, let us look at 5 foot problems copper socks can provide relief from.

  • Varicose Veins/Spider Veins
    Varicose veins are swollen, twisted and enlarged veins that often have faulty valves. People with varicose veins often suffer from leg cramps or they have a painful heavy feeling in their legs. If you suffer from these, your feet and legs must be properly supported with compression to ensure that the veins are working properly and to lower the risk of complications. Copper socks offer gentle compression to the feet, thus offering you relief.
  • Swelling Feet
    Graduated compression helps in preventing and treating swelling of feet and legs. The copper socks keep a squeeze on the legs, allowing them no room to expand or swell into. Further, the increased blood circulation due to compression socks helps in reducing the likelihood of swelling occurring and reducing any swelling that already exists. Swelling in feet is caused by lack of blood or venous insufficiency and compression socks can be an effective tool in addressing that. Copper compression socks will help push fluid out of the legs and keep you pain-free.
  • Gout
    Gout is a disease where defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the smaller bones of the feet with episodes of acute pain. It can affect the toes and smaller bones in the foot, increasing pain when stepped on. Copper socks help your feet on a cellular level and increase the circulation. This causes the nutrients and oxygen to increase the flushing of uric acid. Copper socks provide relief as it doesn’t allow the uric acid to settle in the joints or cause a painful build up of the uric acid crystals.
  • Foot Pain
    If you have general foot pain, caused by anything, you can use copper socks for relief. If you are on your feet for a long time you can suffer from chronic foot pain. Copper socks for foot pain help in offering support that can energise your feet, thus giving you more stamina and less distraction while on your feet. You can use copper socks while doing any activity — working, playing sports, hiking, etc.
  • Arthritis
    This is a condition where there is painful swelling in the joints. People suffering from this condition find it difficult to move around comfortably. They can benefit from wearing copper socks as the properties of copper help in decreasing swelling by compressing the foot and ankle joint gently and promoting better circulation. You can also bring the intensity of the pain down by using copper socks.
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Who Should Use Copper Socks

Foot Problem & Copper Socks
Foot Problem & Copper Socks

They are recommended for people:

  • Who want their feet free of calluses
  • Have blisters or foot injuries as these socks promote wound healing
  • Beneficial for people with diabetes
  • Who want to protect their feet from fungi
  • People with Athlete’s foot

If you suffer from any of the above mentioned food problems, you can turn to copper infused products. However, remember that copper does not treat any of these diseases or foot conditions. Rather, it just provides relief and reduces the pain, which is also a great reason to invest in them.