get rid of your blackheads

Blackheads are found mostly in the face and have a black tip on top. They are yellow in color despite their name, and the wide opening contains bacteria and oil. They are the first stage of acne and form before bacteria attack people’s skin. A blackhead can develop as a pimple first whereby this happens during adolescence and attacks the young men in puberty. There are hormones that over-stimulate the sebaceous glands causing over production of sebum during puberty. When sebum is blocked the bacteria begins to accumulate, and the pore opens allowing air to enter hence causing the blackhead. The difference between black and white-head is that the whitehead is closed while the blackhead is open. No man is comfortable with blackheads affecting their skin especially the face. Hence everyone affected should know that applying makeup, tropical oils, and frequent cleaning make them bad.

The five secrets are as follows:

  1. Honey and cinnamon strips – Honey and cinnamon have properties that greatly assist in clearing blackheads completely from a man’s skin. Every affected man should mix cinnamon with some honey in order to make a paste, use a clean cloth to apply the paste on the face and after 5 minutes clean the face gently then use a moisturizer for the best results. This might seem like women’s work but as a man to maintain good skin without the blackheads but also as a man you also have to follow the steps. This method helps to clear blackheads and also prevent acne.
  1. Use of baking soda and water – Most kitchens do not lack baking soda and in another case baking soda is easily available and affordable. The contents in the baking soda are so active on the skin hence they act as a skin cleanser. You can buy it or just check whether there is some in the kitchen. Though not many adult men are prone to the blackheads, the affected and those passing through puberty should take the following steps to clear blackheads. Make a paste or baking soda and water and by use of circular motion apply to the affected area. Use warm water to clean and rinse after 15 minutes. Baking soda is so reactant if used on the skin excessively, it can trigger an increase in acne and blackheads hence should be used sparingly. After a period of one week, the skin will be clear from acne. There are also some foods to be avoided in your diet that are not good for your health.
  1. Use of egg white mask – Do not include the yolk in the process. This is an easy method for those men who do not want to use other ingredients they are not used to. As for the egg, it’s simple and the only meal some men know how to prepare. Apply the egg white that should be already separated from the yolk on a clean face and add some tissue till it dries, add another egg white to the dry tissue and also cover with a tissue. You can repeat as many layers as possible but until the other layer is dry. All layers should be dry for the method to work properly, you then remove the layers one after the other and then clean the face. This egg white is so natural since it does not have additional chemicals, it has no effects on skin rather a multiple of benefits since it prevents the skin from the hot UV rays, prevents skin cancer and also the major benefit is to clear off blackheads.
  1. Use of Lemon – Lemon is a fruit and has very many health benefits, both internal and external. It helps get rid of blackheads especially in men since their skin are not prone to excess makeup. Lemon juice is an essential astringent that helps shrink the skin pores which helps get rid of blackheads. A mixture of lemon and cucumber paste assists greatly to clear blackheads, and if the process is repeated for one week, the blackheads are cleared completely.
  1. Use oatmeal and yogurt – The paste made out of the two is very essential for men since it gives very pleasing results. Most men get tired in some procedures especially about taking care of the face. With this paste, all blackheads are completely eliminated. Tomato is also of great benefit since it is easily available and affordable. A paste of tomato and sugar helps eliminate blackheads and makes them so limited from appearing on the skin again.
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A smooth face gives one confidence on the daily basis, but a skin prone to acne will always make someone feel shy and lower the self-esteem. The best advice is always to take care of your skin despite your gender. All secrets to blackheads free skin are locally available and affordable. You can have the best skin by simply using some groceries.


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