12863477_xlBetter healthcare practices have been at the forefront of the industry for some time. With the advent of the internet, the pace has quickened. Technology compounds this with a myriad of life-saving benefits as well as the ease for communications between patients and doctors. Here is a review of the top five improvements realized thanks to technology.

Interpreting Health Data

With all the tests being ordered and the need to read them in a timely manner, technology has facilitated doctors with easy access to results at places like Nueterra. This translates into an instant review so diagnoses can be made quickly and appropriate treatment started. Healthcare providers are able to monitor the efficacy of treatments and drugs with accuracy as well. Changes can then be made if needed or patients can settle in with the status quo.

The Communication Windfall

Technology has made it easier for communications across important channels. The first is the patient and doctor followed by the doctor to doctor interaction. Doctors can relay important information to patients that alleviate the need for phone calls or office visits. Patients can reach out with symptoms to see if a visit is required or a trip to the emergency room. Doctors also collaborate on serious cases.

Patient Healthy Apps

Smart phones do more than make phone calls, and send text messages. They are now capable of assisting individuals with living healthy lifestyles. Mobile apps are available to promote healthy eating, pedometers for sleep and daily activities and more. Counting calories and tracking diets has never been easier to combat obesity, which leads to heart disease and diabetes.

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Curbs Healthcare Cost

The costliest expense for the economy of businesses and individuals is healthcare. Technology has been a catalyst for a consistent decline in the cost of staying healthy and treating medical conditions. All of the previous mentioned benefits have been a direct link to this advantage. Patient accountability, unnecessary testing, long hospital stays, and medical records storage are some components realizing savings.

Drug Interaction

Refilling prescriptions is an everyday occurrence, and ensuring accuracy is crucial. Technology plays a role by monitoring patient allergies and drug interactions. The convenience offered is seen with easy access to drug information on-line or via a conversation with a pharmacist. Additionally, to cut cost, prescriptions are being sent through the mail eliminating the need to pick them up.

The availability of information from digital sources has left society well-versed on what is healthy, and what is not. The dynamics of the patient-doctor relationship as well as the doctor to doctor collaboration has been streamlined due to technology. The demonstrated benefits are seen in more than cost savings, but also in a healthier, happier society.