There are several methods in which person can start to become more environmentally friendly. One of those methods is to utilize your car more effectively, and possibly change your driving lifestyle in order to save money and energy. We have listed 5 ways to do that, and the benefits/drawbacks associated with each.

5. Carpooling

carpoolingCarpooling is a great way to reduce the amount of emissions that is given off due to the fewer amount of cars that are needed to drive from point A to point B. It may not always be possible to carpool to each location you go to, however when it is possible it should definitely be considered.

4. Premium or non-premium gasoline?

gasolineThe debate on what type of gasoline is ongoing, and has led to several questions. The most important of which is: Is premium gasoline more efficient?
To answer this question, no. it does not, using premium gasoline is trivial, unless the manual of the car specifically calls for it. You can save about $200usd a year as an average driver by using regular unleaded fuel.

3. Cruise Control

cruise-controlSetting your car to use one single speed when travelling long distances on non-busy highways can greatly increase your fuel mileage and environmentally friendly impact. This is the case because you are not constantly slowing down and speeding up.

2. Drive Slowly

speed-limitDeriving from the last point, setting your speed at a reasonable sped will reduce your fuel usage. The faster you go – the more fuel is spent. This may also save you money by reducing major collisions and avoiding traffic tickets.

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1. Purchasing New Vehicle


For our single most important tip, we have suggested that prior to purchasing a vehicle, start to think about your options for fuel consumption and energy efficient cars. As an example, a Chevy Volt may cost you slightly more than a regular gasoline-powered car, however the savings that you can receive in the long run will give you a much better deal.


All of these recommendations will allow you to drive your car knowing that it will have a much better environmental impact than it did previously. For more products, tips, and service inquiries on your vehicle, check out GoWrench Auto located in Hamilton for same or next day service. Your time and money saving starts now.