Any medical practitioner must strive to offer the best service to their patients. Therefore, your staff must provide timely appointments and information from patients to the doctor. This requires having efficient staff to handle all calls in your practice. Allowing your staff to handle callers is very overwhelming and leads to overworking. Luckily, you can hire a professional doctor answering agency to do this for you. Below are 5 ways professionals can give your callers a customized experience.

doctor answering service

Customized greeting

The first thing professionals do is to customize greeting in your practice to make the answering experience extend your business. Agents from the answering service clearly understand how you would like your phone calls answered when a patient calls. Perhaps you might recommend using your tagline to market your brand. The agents will first greet all callers and speak out your tagline before answering them to voice out their concerns.

Offer basic business information

Working with professional phone answering agents requires giving them a script to use when answering your callers. However, consider giving the agents answers to some questions that patients ask frequently. These might include your hour of operation, clinic location, and medical insurance accepted. With the agent with ready answers to the most frequently asked questions, less time is consumed for callbacks.

Customized response

It’s good to have the answering agents empowered with answers to basic questions but it’s equally important to be prepared to answer questions specific to the patient’s condition. A professional doctor answering service focuses on making the experience as simple as possible without having to explain medical procedures and insurance billing all the time. Professional answering agents listen attentively to the caller’s concerns and questions and advise them accordingly. Alternatively, the agents forward the matter to the physician for an appropriate answer as soon as possible.

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Efficient message delivery

Your answering service must have a message delivery system. This must be 100 percent HIPAA compliant and highly reliable. Your practice will be protected from fines and lawsuits that are costly. Choose a company that invests in the latest technology for receiving text and email messages securely. Additionally, it pays to work with a company that offers message delivery options for you to choose one meeting your preference.

Efficient appointment scheduling

Patients usually call a medical practice to get solutions to a problem. However, some just want to schedule or re-schedule their appointment with the doctor. This explains why you must choose a professional answering agency with efficient appointment scheduling. You will have peace of mind that the agency will respond to patients including those who need urgent attention. The best thing is for the service to offer triage for calls customized to patient specifications.


Outsourcing call answering to professionals is a smart move for any medical practitioner. However, you must partner with an answering service committed to patient service. A doctor answering service is your growth partner to help your practice improve its bottom line. With answering agents helping your practice offer patients a customized experience, your clinic will stand out from other service providers.