5 Ways to get a Good Jumpstart in your Medical Career

The medical field includes all types of professionals from cardiac surgeons to nurse’s aides to registered health information administrators. A fiercely competitive field, the medical profession offers the chance to make a difference in people’s lives, steady pay, and job opportunities in all parts of the country. For those looking for a career in the field or just starting out, preparation is key. Check out five ways to get ahead of the game.

Using a Study Prep Course

Whether you have to sweat through board exams or need your RHIA credential, a prep course, not just a study guide, will give you that extra edge. Doing well on exams is vitally important in the medical field. Scores can even ultimately determine where you get a job. Many students and professionals have testified to the benefits of taking a prep course tailored for specific exams.


Research is a vital component of healthcare. Even if you are not planning on working in research, knowing the latest research, keeping up with what researchers in your area of expertise are working on, and even knowing how research is performed exponentially increases your chance of being noticed in your workplace. It translates to patients as caring and to superiors as someone who is engaged and invested in their career.

Making Connections

While a general piece of advice good for anyone in any type of work, making connections is absolutely necessary in order to be successful in the medical field. Due to competition, being hired for that prime job you want can sometimes be entirely based on the impression you make and who you know. Don’t be a wall-flower. When presented with the opportunity, as you surely will at school or work, introduce yourself to visiting lecturers, professors who have a career in what you want to do, and visiting professionals.

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As every M.D., D.O., P.A, and N.P, knows, shadowing in clinical is really how you learn the job. Even those in health information management degree programs will benefit from shadowing. Look for and actively seek out opportunities beyond what you are required in areas of interest. Shadowing someone in your field who is particularly well known will go a long way towards showing your commitment to your craft. You will also learn a ton, which will help you become a better care provider or health manager, which is the end goal.


Like shadowing, volunteering doesn’t lead to monetary reward. However, the investment you make into yourself and your career by volunteering is priceless. Those who volunteer naturally gain a broader perspective of health care. Becoming a well-rounded professional will enable you to perform your job better. So sign up for things.

Being the best you can be in your profession requires a significant amount of time and energy. Generally going out of your way to learn and meet people will keep you on the road to success in the medical field.