Avoid These Workout Mistakes

We’ve all heard the basic mantra, that working out and eating right is the best way to stay healthy. When spoken in the most basic terms, it’s true. You want to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet while getting plenty of physical exercise.

Even though those two instructions seem quite basic, there are still many steps to be taken to ensure they’re being followed properly. Sometimes motivation itself is the hardest part of the equation!

Today, we’re going to focus on the exercise part of that plan and common mistakes that people make and why you should avoid them.

Not Warming Up

You might be tempted to walk right into the gym and start your workout plan. Whether that’s running 5 miles or heading right to the weights, your body needs to warm up.

When you walk in the gym, chances are you’ve just gotten out of the car. Your heart rate isn’t up, your muscles aren’t loose, and your body isn’t ready to go. Take some time on the elliptical or treadmill for 5-10 minutes to get your body going. Throw in some dynamic stretching and you’ll be sure to avoid injury or major discomfort.

Skipping Rest Days

The general rule for exercise is to rest your body for 24-36 hours once you’ve worked out a specific muscle group. For example, if you’re doing abdominals on Monday, you should wait until Wednesday to do them again.

Unless you’re doing some very high intensive, dedicated workout (and have been for quite some time), make sure you’re getting in those rest days. That’s when your body is able to recover and build up strength.

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Doing Random Workouts

When you start working out, you need to think of a goal you have in mind. Are you looking to build up muscle strength? Are you training for a 10K? Do you just want to not get winded walking up the stairs?

Whatever it is, you need to plan out a workout for yourself. If you don’t know where to start, there are hundreds of workout plans on the internet. If those seem overwhelming, walk up to a personal trainer and ask for some tips. Many gyms offer users a free introductory course and they can help you design something for your needs.

Don’t head there and do “whatever” those days, make sure you stick to a plan.

Not Eating After Workouts

When you’re finished working out, your body needs fuel to recover. This doesn’t give you the excuse to eat whatever you want. As a comparison, on average you’re going to burn about 100 calories per mile run. The average chocolate chip cookie has nearly 200 calories in it!

After you finish working out, prepare something that is packed with protein. Many people ignore protein because they don’t want to become overly bulky. Protein is just going to refuel your body and you won’t become some muscle bound hulk just because you’re consuming more of it. Give your body what it wants after you finish your workout. If you are really looking for something sweet, consider having a protein shake after your workout using a flavorful protein powder like a Naked Shake Strawberry Banana as a healthy alternative. Not only will you curve your sweet tooth but you’ll give your body the nutritional protein boost and recovery support that it needs!

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Leaving Your Clothes On

A little different take on health and wellness, but after working out you’re probably all sweaty and no one is lining up to give you a big hug.

Leaving those sweaty clothes on for long periods of time increases the likelihood that you’re going to get a rash, yeast infections, and skin irritations. Once you’re home, it’s time to get out of those sweaty clothes and hop into the shower. Don’t idle around with them for hours.

If you can’t get to a shower ASAP, find some workout clothes made from synthetic fibers. These clothes will help whisk the sweat away, leaving you dry.

Doing Too Much Too Soon

If you’re someone who’s starting a gym routine for the first time or even a regular gym goer, you should be careful about doing too much too soon. Even those with Greek god and goddess bodies took months if not years to reach where they are right now.

Doing too much in the beginning is a surefire way to hurt yourself or set your progress back majorly. Look to focus on your workout and diet plan week by week instead of trying to see improvement every day. You won’t. Take it slow and stick to the long game for the best results.