Riding a bike is one of the best ways to freely roam around the city. In fact, the kind of freedom it provides cannot be matched by traveling in a car that is covered on all sides. However, riding a bike in urban areas that have busy traffic can turn out to be unsafe. And if you do get into an accident with any vehicle while riding your bike, remember to do the following things.

Try Standing Up

After the crash happens, try to stand up as soon as possible. Do not just lie on the spot. Even if it is too uncomfortable, it is very important for you to try standing in order to assess the gravity of the situation.  If you experience too much pain that you cannot even stand properly from the ground, then the injuries can be extremely severe. And if you can stand up without too much discomfort, then it is an indication that the accident may not have caused any intense physical damage. Plus, remember to move to the side of the road if you are capable of walking.  Wait for a few minutes to catch your breath before you start taking with the perpetrator and other bystanders.

Check Your Head

The next thing to do will be to check your head for injuries. Remove the helmet and check whether you are bleeding. If the helmet is not damaged, then that should be a good enough sign that no damage had happened to your head. However, since it is better to be safe, ask a bystander to inspect your head for any cracks.

Don’t Let The Driver Leave

Now, if after the accident, the driver of the vehicle tries to leave, then stop them from doing so. When the police arrive, it will be important for you to have the perpetrator with you in order to ensure that the officer files the report accurately. If the perpetrator leaves, then you may not be able to pinpoint them to the police. And in case you are unable to stop the other person from leaving, then be sure to at least note down a few details like their vehicle number, model and make, how they look, and so on.

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Call For Medical Help

It is also highly recommended that you call for medical help and wait for the ambulance to arrive. Now, you may not be bleeding, or may not have cracked bones, or may not be feeling any kind of pain. However, it is very important that you get yourself assessed by a good physician. This is because even though you may not see any physical damage on your body, you never know the conditions of the organs inside. And since there have been incidents where accident victims walked away from the scene only to later die because of internal bleeding and organ damage, it is very important that you never avoid meeting a qualified physician as soon as possible after the accident.

Never Leave Without Seeing An Officer

You should also ideally wait for the officer to arrive at the spot. When the police arrive, they will write down their report of the accident in which they will note down the perspectives of both parties – you and the perpetrator. As such, if you are absent from the scene, then only the perpetrator’s version of the accident may be noted down by the police in their initial report. And this can have negative effects as the police might tend to hold a favorable position towards the perpetrator just because he is the only one they have interviewed. To ensure that such biases do not creep into the police report, it is always good to wait till the police come to the accident scene. Now, if you are severely injured and an ambulance has arrived before the police, then you will have to leave the place. In such a situation, if there is someone in the crow that you personally know, try to request them to represent you when the police come.

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Hire A Good Lawyer

Finally, hire a good personal injury lawyer to take up your case and fight for your compensation. The worse your damages are, the more you can be compensated. So, if the doctors proclaim that you suffer from traumatic brain injury due to the accident, then you have a better chance at getting a big compensation rather than just suffering from two broken fingers. Plus, the lawyer will take care of all the legal side of the accident, and you will not have to stress yourself out thinking about it. If you’ve already filed an insurance claim that was denied, consider getting in touch with experts that specialize in life insurance claims.

So, ensure that you do all the six things mentioned above if you find yourself the victim of a bike accident. And as long as you adhere to them, you should be able to come out of any accident and successfully file a lawsuit against the perpetrator.