One of the most disturbing and long-lasting kinds of pain one can experience is joint pain. Taking care of joints isn’t a hard job, but just requires a few careful measures and a healthy lifestyle that one should adapt to. Joint illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many more, can arise due to aging, or if health is not looked after. However, let’s focus on how we can keep our joints healthy and take measures at appropriate times to save us from a lot of pain and trouble.

Following are certain tips that will be a guide for keeping joints healthy.

1.Exercise: lose what you don’t need!

For keeping your joints lubricated and healthily functioning, exercise will help you a lot. It’s not much of a difficult phenomenon; the less you weigh, the less impact on your joints. Exercise will avoid joints from being stiff and will also reduce inflammation. Light exercises like swimming, aerobics, water aerobics, and yoga can keep joints strong and improve flexibility. You can join fitness clubs to give yourself company if exercising alone isn’t much of a motivation.

2.Have a healthy diet

One of the natural remedies for arthritis, and other joint pain is to have a healthy and balanced diet. While following this diet, you will feel even healthier and it will keep joint pain at bay. You will be surprised to know how simple replacements will add a world of difference to your health. For example, use canola and olive oil that reduce the risk of inflammation. Vitamin C, D, and E are important elements for bones, include vegetables and spices like cauliflower, broccoli, ginger, clove, turmeric, fresh herbs, garlic etc in your diet. Also, add fish, like Tuna and salmon, that are rich in fatty acids and Omega-3, which are highly beneficial for joints, bones, and muscles.

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3. Cupping and massage therapy sessions are highly recommendable

You will be astonished at the positive effects of getting a message. The Arthritis Foundation has shown that massage therapy can significantly and rapidly alleviate joint and arthritis pain. The reduction in pain after the massage therapy is so wonderful that people often go to get a massage every other day.

Cupping is a popular practice that is used for treating many illnesses related to joints, including fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis (especially rheumatoid). Cupping removes harmful toxins, allows fresh blood to flow through the body, and hastens the process of recovery.

4.Food that should be strictly avoided

Let me tell you about some of the worst foods causing arthritis. If you plan to stay away from joint issues, then you should strictly avoid foods that fall into the category of “junk.” All kinds of processed foods trigger joint issues. Roasted meat is another problem causing a factor.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then there is the bad news for you. All kinds of soda, cakes, candies, and jellies that have a high content of sugar in them can be challenging. Stay away from high sugar consumption if you love your joints.

5. Avoid sports injuries

As much as exercise and being involved in sports is important for healthy joints, certain injuries and sports accidents can be very hard on a person’s joints and bones in the long run. Those injuries greatly increase your risk for osteoarthritis.

Though outside sports and games are healthy, spending excessive hours (5-6 hours straight) playing basketball, football or cricket can cost you a lot in the long run—as too much stress/pressure on the joints can be extremely harmful. Keep a balance and your joints will be healthy!

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6. Say no to unnatural supplements

You might have seen temporary results of supplements consumed by someone you know. Those supplements contain chemicals like glucosamine, chondroitin, and shark cartilage, etc. Though they are marketed to be consumed for healthy joints, many specialists suggest that these supplements will only grant you temporary benefits and results. So isn’t it more appropriate to stick to a natural and hearty lifestyle right from the beginning? Don’t be tricked by well-marketed ads!

The moment you decide to stick to a healthy lifestyle, you will feel the change and be thankful you did.