Many people have an acne problem but in most cases it is never worse until they try fixing it. We see a lot of ourselves more than other see about us. We will thus get stressed over small things including acne that are normal and not there to stay. Remember that all people get infected by acne at some point. So instead of looking for a miracle to control your acne in a night, take the time to understand your skin needs and what the acne could be signaling. This will keep you off from rushing to buy products and then end up making a mistake. Below are some of the critical mistakes that most people do and end up making their acne condition worse.


1. Washing too much

When many people start noticing acne on the skin, they get worried. Teenagers are most affected. Most of them think that dirt could cause it. They thus end up cleaning their face more than necessary. Note that I am not campaigning against maintaining a clean face and body. All I am trying to say is that washing your face more than necessary can put you at a risk of making the acne condition worse. When you wash too much, you leave your skin dry. This leads to more oil production. This may result in oil overdrive and thus leading to clogging of pores. This leads to more acne. You are also advised to avoid using very hot water to clean the face. Hot water leaves your skin very dry and more vulnerable to breaking.

2. Using too many products

In the aim to enhance beauty, many people use more than one beauty products. They end up applying more than one layer of products. This leads to blocking of pores and hinders proper breathing of the skin. This may lead to acne. Worse still, are the people that use more than two treatments for acne at the same time. Most of these products contain drying agents so as to remove zits effectively. Therefore, when you use many of these products you leave your skin dry and deprived of moisture. This leads to more production of fats. This leads to blockage of pores which leads to increase in acne. Stacking many of these products can cause more harm to your skin than good. For optimum and fast results, make sure that you do not overdo.

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3. Switching your regimen too soon

The main and most common problem is that people expect treatment for acne to work miracles. You cannot use a product once and expect results overnight. Most people will apply a product in the evening and wait to see results in the morning. When they find that nothing much has happened, they switch to another product. At the end of the week, you find that you have used more than three products but without results. In some cases, the condition gets worse and you start all over again to look for the miracle treatment for acne that will help control the acne condition. It is better to give your products time to work on your skin and control acne. Most of the acne treatment products take at least two weeks to start showing results. In fact, some will start by making your breakouts look worse than before application. If you notice this with a product, give it time and you will have found the miracle that you have been looking for. However, if you stay with a product for six to eight weeks without and signs f improvement, consider finding a new product.

4. Skipping moisturizer

Remember that most treatments for acne products end up drying the skin. You should thus never skip moisturizing your skin even for a single day. Skipping may make the condition worse. Some acne products also leave your skin sensitive to sun rays. You should, therefore, consider moisturizers that contain sunscreen effects in them.

5. Over-exfoliating

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When you exfoliate too much, you risk breaking whiteheads. This may lead to bacterial spread that makes the acne condition even worse. When you exfoliate, maintain it to two times a week and keep it gentle and controlled.

6. Sleeping with your makeup on

This is a common mistake that people make because of following instructions on the makeup labels blindly. When you sleep with makeup on, you risk clogging your pores. This leads to bacterial accumulation and leads to acne.

7. Keeping your hand on the face

This is especially when you have a pimple or acne on the face. You will be tempted to touch and feel, and sometimes will want to break pimples. Hands spread infection and make pimples look even worse.


If you did not know that doing the above things could make your acne worse, then now you know. Treatment for acne may not help much unless you take note of these seven things.