Taking care of your skin is one of the most important aspects of skincare. The dirt, grime, and the environment take so much from it every day that protecting your skin becomes nearly impossible. There are so many things that you need to do and also avoid to make sure that your skin breathes normally. Working hard on your skin can not only give you long term results but also gives you that confidence boost. Try not doing these things!


Skip Proper Skin Care Routine

I know I know sometimes you can get lazy and skip the proper skincare routine but trust me this is going to hurt your skin worse in the long run. Forgoing a proper skincare routine can be very harmful. When you follow a proper care routine, you tend to cleanse, nourish and moisturize your face for a healthy-looking glow. When you skip it, your skin can become dull and grey over time. Thankfully with Korean cosmetics, skincare routines have become so easy now with state of the art products that are both gentle and effective on the skin.


Not Use Sunscreen

The UV rays that the sun emits can cause great amounts of damage to your skin. From blemishes to skin aging and wrinkles, a lot of skin-related issues could occur from sun damage. Skipping on sunscreen is actually like doing crime on your skin as it lets the deep ray to penetrate below the surface of your skin. Sunscreen needs to be used all year round at any cost. Even though the sun won’t burn your skin, but the long term damage it might cause can be irreversible.


Not Remove Makeup

Some days you are bone tired and want to fall face-first on to your bed without lifting a finger. However, not removing your makeup before going to sleep is one of the worst things for your skin. This way you leave your pores blocked for a long time without letting them breathe. It can result in a severe form of acne and breakouts that can ruin your skin. With residue makeup on the surface, the production of sebum increases, which can destruct the normal PH of your skin. It can leave your skin feeling rough and dry that can further result in skin infection also.

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Not Sleeping Sufficiently

The time when your skin does the most healing is when you sleep at night. Sleeping an appropriate amount of hours is so necessary for everyone as both your skin and your body takes that time to repair itself. Not sleeping enough can both take the freshness out of your skin and leave it feeling tired. When you sleep, your cells repaired themselves and changed any damaged cells that you might have. All your nightly skin creams work best when you sleep as it gives your pores an uninterrupted chance to absorb products and to penetrate your skin. So sleeping a minimum of 7 hours is a must for every person.


Popping A Pimple

Getting a pimple or a zit, especially before a major event can be stressful. The fear of it ruining your whole look is so major that you sometimes resort to desperate measures. People think that popping a pimple is a safe idea to diminish it. However, this is exactly the opposite. When popping a pimple, you may beak the surface of your skin, which in turn can lead to a wound that can also draw blood. Due to this, the wound can also become infected, swollen and huge. Popping a pimple or a zit is never the better option. It is better to patiently wait and let the pimple take its time to go away. When you pop it, you can lead to scarring too.


Not Drinking Enough Water

Drink water! Drink water! AND drink water. No one can ever stress this fact enough. Your skin and all of your body are almost made 70% of water. For it is kept, hydrated is one of the essential things. When you do not give your body enough water, it tends to wither and dry out. It can lead to severe skin infections like eczema all over. Not drinking enough water is also one of the major causes of increases in acne and pimples in many people all around the world.  The face needs water and all the qualities that come with drinking it.

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Use Harsh Products

Many people tend to use very harsh exfoliators, creams, lightning products, bleaching creams, etc. to make the skin more beautiful. All these products are sometimes so harsh on the skin and can damage the layers of your skin very badly. If not used with care, these products can often cause permanent damage to the skin that include nerve and tissue damage. You can often have some allergic reactions to these products that can leave your skin in rashes and hives. Furthermore, they can completely dry out your skin and leave it lifeless.



Taking care of your skin in the correct manner is very important. If you take care of your skin, your skin will give you results by looking fresh and healthy most times. It can be hard to follow all rules to maintain the freshness of your skin, but in the long run, it will give you many benefits.